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Gina Carano’s Disney Lawsuit Will Go Forward

Gina Carano’s fight against Disney will go forward. You’ll recall that Disney and Lucasfilm fired Gina Carano, who played Cara Dune on The Mandalorian and was set to star in a spinoff series called Rangers of the New Republic, when she shared an Instagram post they went out of their way to take...

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Jack Black Demonstrates Movie Stars’ Disastrous Judgment and Disney’s Hypocrisy

Someone in Hollywood did something awful again; I’ll imagine your shock if you imagine mine. This time, it comes from an unfortunate source: Tenacious D,  the rock band consisting of Jack Black and Kyle Gass. Yesterday, July 14, was Gass’ birthday, and while Tenacious D was performing, the show...

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Former Disney Imagineer Criticizes Recent Disney World Designs

A former Imagineer is calling out Disney’s current lack of imagination. Jim Shull worked for Disney for thirty-three years, where he was the creative director for projects in all of the Disney Parks, including the Rock ‘n Roller Coaster, 100 Years of Magic, and The Magic Carpets of Aladdin in Di...

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Disneyland Workers May Vote to Strike Next Week

Another Disney park may be shutting down soon. USA Today reports that 14,000 Disneyland cast members belonging to a union called Disney Workers Rising will vote next week on whether or not to strike. Essentially, they want more money, claiming they can barely make ends meet anymore – one member s...

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Three More Disney World Attractions Set to Close for Refurbishment

Weirdly timed renovations continue to define this summer at Disney World. (Well, those and rides breaking down.) WDW News Today reports that three more “refurbishments” are happening now or are scheduled to happen soon: the Cinderella’s Castle stage, which has boards surrounding it as it under...

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Disney World Adds Good to Go Days in July

Disney World is now at the point where it has to entice annual passholders to show up. One of its methods is something called “Good to Go Days,” where passholders can enter any of the four Disney World parks – The Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom – without making a...

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