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As with anything on the internet, or even in real life, drama ensues when there are many voices vying for the megaphone. In this case, the controversy over Sweet Baby Inc. and GamerGate 2.0 continues, but not in the way most would expect.

Matt Walsh, one of the Daily Wire personalities, is in the thick of this gamer war with his very biased attitude towards those who enjoy video games. With his latest comments, Walsh is playing the victim of something no one is accusing him of.

To clarify, no one in this “upheaval” has stated that Mr. Walsh is not permitted to speak on the issue — far from it. But to scoff at something one does not understand is quite another thing. When one offers an opinion over the vastness of the internet, many voices will come rushing forth. As our very own founder and CEO has stated in a recent post, “Welcome to the internet, Matt.” 

Now, I, a humble nerd, have a message inspired by the recent video put out by Shad M. Brooks of The Knight’s Watch and Shadiversity: When good people abandon the culture, terrible people who only wish to ruin it will come swarming in.

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Many pundits on the right/conservative side of politics have scoffed at nerd culture over the decades, which, when one knows the stereotype, does look unappealing. However, it’s far more than someone putting on thick-lensed glasses, a bow tie, and suspenders. It’s cracking open your first fantasy or sci-fi novel and being instantly immersed in the world written on the page or turning on that Nintendo 64 to play as Link in Ocarina of Time to explore the kingdom of Hyrule or flipping through the DC and Marvel comics of old and imagining yourself as Batman or Superman. These are the aspects of nerd culture that bring us together as fans and sometimes lifelong friends or even spouses. We bond over the things we love, forging those links to greater strengths as the years go on.

It’s like anything that people are passionate about, be it sports, baking, crafting, woodworking, or anything that sparks the motivation or desire to do something that fills one with joy. We all need those hobbies and passions that bring forms of escapism to the world, not to ignore it entirely but to have a moment of reprieve from a bad day, to decompress after a week of non-stop work. Many people like Mr. Walsh seem to have forgotten this or put it off as “childish” because, in their eyes, it doesn’t look productive, for example, but that could not be more wrong.

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Whoever may be watching a particular film or reading a novel or comic book could be inspired to create their works. All the great artists and writers over the centuries were inspired by one another but brought their own unique styles or voices to the table, and now, their works have become the beloved classics we still admire to this day. This message is not only for those who believe the world of “geekdom” to be childish fantasies but for the nerd (meant in the most endearing way — never be ashamed of loving the things you do) who may be struggling to have someone understand, or feel defeated that they must pursue “adult” things and “put away childish things.” Do not throw water on the spark, but kindle it; slowly add those bits of inspiration to transform that tiny flame into an inferno. We need more good, passionate people creating art, even if, at first, it may go unnoticed. Many of the great artists were not able to see their works realized, but it never stopped them from continuing while they remained. One could almost look at this as a modern-day “Dark Age” until the days of the Renaissance peaked over the horizon in rays of golden light, and people across the land began to create things of beauty again. 

So, in closing, it’s great that others outside of the entertainment sphere are shedding light upon the tatters our culture has become, but all we ask is that the very things we love and cherish are respected. For if these properties had not been created by good, passionate people, they would certainly not have lasted for generations. 

“Someday, you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.” — C.S. Lewis 

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March 16, 2024 at 5:50 pm

Matt Walsh was just in Lady Ballers dressed as a hippy. Acting itself is a childish thing. Sports games, too.

There is something off with the people at the Daily Wire. They offer their base nothing. Ben just talked about eliminating the retirement age. It’s like their message is be silent, hold your tongues, work and drop dead. Ben said he did not care if we were demographically replaced.

Games allow people to learn patterns and strategies and find and exploit weaknesses in Big Bosses. Games have also done wonders for emerging authors. Games also teach tactics and encourage competition. Let’s be honest, the conservatives and their lack of game theory is why they lose. It’s why no one wants to associate or identify with conservatives. Where is the leadership, teamwork and the will to win on their part? I heard the other day someone flame types like him at bringing nothing to the marketplace at all besides just being SMUG!

March 16, 2024 at 5:53 pm

Great article Jess!

March 16, 2024 at 7:18 pm

Excellent work, Jess! You perfectly summarised why we love all these various art forms in the first place and why those disregarding them are only allowing that which threatens them to grow in size and numbers.

March 16, 2024 at 7:21 pm

Great synopsis of the culture war in this sphere! I would say stop being humble! The title of the article didn’t really pull me in and it should have because this was definitely worth the read. Something like “A message to Matt”, something a little more topical and dare I say more rage baity. It’s a shame but in this day and age only controversial stuff draws eyeballs, look at youtube thumbnails.

Loved Shad’s quote from C.S Lewis on the recent FNT regarding putting away childish notions as an adult, including the childish notion of putting away childish notions. This article reminded me of an old Plato quote, “One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.”

This is exactly what’s happened in gaming, and it’s a reminder that the more things change the more they stay the same! And we should be heartened by this because it means nothing is written in stone, and we’re still in this fight. One side will always be growing complacent and decadent while the other has a fire put under their arse to fight for what they perceive a right.

Great article, it’s good to see more people entering the culture war and that we weren’t crazy after all!

March 18, 2024 at 1:17 am

Awesome first article Jess! The next one is going to be even better!

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