Alphacore #1 is Another Win for the Rippaverse

With its third book and second title, the Rippaverse continues its epic introduction into the comic book world. Isom’s first two issues had pre-order campaigns totaling $3,737,920 and $2,351,589.00, respectively. The third campaign, for Alphacore #1, finished tonight with $1,300,694.00 from 13,252 customers, which is 434% of its $300,000 goal. Alphacore, about a superhero team looking for a super-powered murderer while dealing with a public divided on their reaction to them, is the first Rippaverse comic not written by the company’s owner, Eric July; its writer is Chuck Dixon, a comic book legend most famous for co-creating Batman villain Bane with artist Graham Nolan. Alphacore is drawn by Joe Bennett of The Immortal Hulk.

Since he started the Rippaverse, Eric July has faced an unending barrage of doomsaying from people cheering for him to fail, but every time a new Rippaverse comic launches, it wildly exceeds sales expectations. Alphacore is an important part of the company’s growth because its success proves that the Rippaverse can sell books without July’s name on them. Sure, Chuck Dixon and Joe Bennett aren’t exactly lightweights, but this is still Eric July’s brand, and having it move beyond him as the sole writer is an important step in maintaining the Rippaverse’s longevity. The fact that July was able to attract talent on this level is indicative of how important the Rippaverse is to the comic book business. And they’re not the only pros who will be helping to expand the Rippavrse; the next title will be Yaira #1, written by Jen and Sylvia Soska (“Black Widow: No Restraints Play”) and drawn by Débora Caritá, who has worked for Marvel, DC, IDW, and Dark Horse. After that will be Goodyng: The Polymath, written by Mike Baron, who created the character of Microchip with artist Klaus Janson while working on The Punisher. Friend and foe alike will be watching the campaigns for those and subsequent titles; I don’t want to jinx it, but at this point, I wouldn’t bet against the Rippaverse.

If you missed out on the campaign, Alphacore #1 is available to purchase on the Rippaverse website, as are Isom #1 and Isom #2.

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