An Interview With 1/4 Black Garrett

Garrett did not dress up as Mario, but we had a great chat anyway:

Blabbering Collector: What is your YouTube origin story?


BC: What is your favorite topic to discuss?

G: Ohhh… Movies, I’d say. That’s the kind of thing I gravitate towards. I was homeschooled as a kid, so I had a lot more time at home than others. My brother and I would watch a lot of movies. We would go to the movie shelf and be like, “Okay, let’s watch this movie; let’s watch that movie!” All the time. So it’s something that has meant a lot to me throughout my life, so I do like talking about them. I brought you on to talk about Harry Potter; I brought all of my friends on, pretty much! I need to get Ryan and Jeremy to talk about a movie.

BC: Yeah! That was so fun! How did you discover Geeks + Gamers?


BC: What is your role on Nerdrotic?

G: I’m a producer/editor. We don’t really have titles because we are so laid back. I like that! But I guess I would be a producer/editor. I set up livestreams, I research articles for videos, and then we kinda split it up into big videos or evergreen videos. So, like a video like “Top Five Worst Movies Of All Time,” and that is something that Pierry would take over with, because I will say, Pierry is a very creative editor, but I’m faster than he is because I’m not as good as he is! So I can do the faster, kinda topical news stuff, just putting up the articles and creatively dropping jokes every once in a while. It’s completely different than what I did on Louder with Crowder.

BC: Do you miss Louder with Crowder?

G: I miss working with the guys and the guys behind the scenes. I don’t miss talking about politics.

BC: Yeah, that sounds like it can wear you out a whole lot.

G: It does, especially when it is 24/7, like your whole life. It is still something that interests me because it is something that is important. But I can’t dedicate my whole existence to thinking about and researching and trying to stay on top of all the crap that politics takes! Some people can, and that is awesome. I just can’t; I’m not that kind of person. It was a little bit soul-crushing to just talk about politics.

BC: Must be depressing.

G: Yeah, but I love the guys there. I love working with them and making sketches, which is why Steven was like, “If we have a sketch for you to do, I’ll give you a call!” Which is why, every once in a while, I go to the studio. I get to do all the fun stuff!

BC: It is kinda like the best of both worlds!

G: Yeah! It’s great!

BC: Is Steven Crowder as funny in real life as he is on the show?

G: He is exactly the same dude. He’s always cracking jokes, and what I really like about Steven is that he has a good heart. He’s crazy, you can tell! He puts you in crazy situations, like CHAZ, but it’s not like he wouldn’t put himself in those situations, because he would.

BC: Can you tell me about your introduction to comics?

G: I’m not as knowledgeable as Az and Gary on comics. But over time, I have connected to Batman the most. As far as I could remember, watching Batman: The Animated Series; my mom was like, “I think he’s gonna like this.” So she got it for me, recorded them on an old VHS tape – I still have them somewhere. I have to find them. But it’s something like Batman… I really connected to it a lot. Over the years, I’d pick up Batman comics; probably Arkham Asylum was my first one, and Batman: Year One, which is my favorite Batman story. It’s the perfect Batman opening. I’ve never been a real long-term collector of runs; I just pick up here and there. I  didn’t start until I was in my twenties. Before then, it seemed like a daunting thing that I was interested in but didn’t want to get into because I didn’t know where to start. It’s overwhelming. There’s so many decades and runs, I’m like, “I don’t know where to start!” It took me a while to get into that stuff.

BC: If you asked your wife to make you a sandwich, what would she make you?

G: Oooh, really? I know exactly what she would make me; she makes it all the time! She would make an egg sandwich with avocado and cheddar cheese on toasted sourdough bread. It’s like a breakfast sandwich.

BC: What was your first video game?

G: Sonic The Hedgehog 2… I believe.

BC: Do you like to collect? If so, what is your focus?

G: I don’t know if I collect anything in a focused way. I used to collect a lot of Batman memorabilia, but over time, I really haven’t done that. I just collect things I like; there is no focus. If I would be a collector of things, it would be Hot Toys. One of my favorite toys when I was a kid was the G.I. Joes, but like the 12 inch ones, not the little ones that Jeremy plays with… the big ones. So, those are the ones I always played with; and then, I was like, “Woah, they make adult versions of these?” Like they are legit, really well-made G.I. Joe sized action figures! The very first one I got was Batman from The Dark Knight. That thing was so cool!

BC: If you could own Disney or even W.B., what is the first thing that you would do?

G: If I were Disney, I would shut the business down, sell off the property, fire everyone, and say that we are never, ever making anything ever again.

BC: If you were Warner Bros?

G: If I were W.B., I’d shut every project down and make a Batman movie. Just the one. Kinda like Iron Man. We make one good movie. If it connects to other things, cool. But we gotta make this one good. That’s what I would focus on.

BC: What is your favorite IP? Why?


BC: If you could go on an adventure with any character, who would it be?

G: *Smacks hands to head, blinks rapidly* Man, these questions are so hard! Hmm… man. With any character? If I say Harry Potter, it’s because I’m thinking about Harry Potter, because I’m in the middle of the books! At my age, it’s a little weird.

BC: Nah! What age…

G: 15!

BC: In the book that you’re reading!

G: That’s like half my age!

BC: What about the Epilogue, 17 years later? He’s in his 30s!

G: Oh yeah, a modern Harry! Well, that’s my answer.

BC: Book Harry, though. Movie Harry is a bit of a dick.

G: Yeah, it’s because you don’t see inside his mind! He does these sorta dickish things in the books, but he justifies it in his mind, and it makes sense! And then the reader is like, “Oh, okay, I get why he felt that way.” And he’s a teenager, but the entire world is judging him, so he lashes out. But that’s just Harry Potter talk…

BC: Yeah, the muggles wouldn’t understand it. Do you have anything you would like to say to your fans? What about your haters?


Speed Round – Short Answers Only

BC: Do you like pineapple on pizza?

G: No. Disgusting.

BC: Favorite Doctor in Doctor Who?

G: David Tennant.

BC: What is your Hogwarts house?

G: Gryffindor!

BC: *Claps like a seal* Me too! What is your lightsaber color?

G: Green.

BC: Chicken or fish?

G: Chicken.

BC: What is 8 x 8?


BC: Favorite destination?

G: The UK.

BC: Favorite cuisine?

G: Chicken.

BC: What?

G: I don’t know, potatoes! Like steak and potatoes!

BC: Okay… I mean, cuisine is, like, theme-oriented, like German, Italian, Asian.

G: Tex-Mex.

BC: Chex Mix?

G: Tex-Mex! With beans and rice!

BC: Favorite video game?

G: Streets Of Rage 2.

BC: What book are you currently reading?

G: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

BC: Favorite JRR Tolkien novel?

G: Fellowship.

BC: What is your favorite gaming console?

G: PC.

BC: Grocery shopping or vacuuming?

G: Wait, what? Vacuuming… because I can stay home. I don’t have to leave.

BC: Go-to alcohol?

G: Whiskey.

BC: What is your ringtone?

G: It’s a vibration; I always have it turned off.

BC: That’s boring. DC or Marvel?

G: DC.

BC: Rodney Dangerfield or Robin Williams?

G: Robin Williams, but I love Dangerfield.

BC: Do you like Nickelback?

G: No.

BC: Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter?

G: *Grunts in pain* Lord of the Rings.

BC: Oh my God! There’s a knife behind me; I think I’ve been stabbed!

G: I know, but they are right there!

BC: Favorite cheese?

G: Cheddar… sharp cheddar.

1/4 Black Garrett

Questions From Twitter

Twitter: What are the pros and cons of being a dad and a YouTuber?

Garrett: I’d say the cons are that you work a lot. The hours are random too; a random video [has to go] out at a certain time because it’s newsworthy, like it has to be timeliness. The hours are crazy. The inverse of that, though, is that I am home, so I can take a break from that. I can edit and then walk out the door and see my kids and give them a hug. I’m right there. It’s not like I am thirty minutes away and then drive home. I always think of it as, like, you go to work, you see your family on your desk so you can remember your family. It’s like that, but I can actually go see them. I can just go out and look at them.

T: Would you rather be unable to tell the difference between babies and muffins or change gender every time you sneeze?

G: *Stares at the ceiling in confusion.*

BC: I did not write this question; this came from Twitter.

G: *Laughing* I guess babies and muffins… cuz I don’t like muffins! So I wouldn’t eat it.

BC: So, you’re not going to eat a baby, is what you’re saying.

G: I’d just take care of it and make sure it doesn’t get moldy. I don’t like the other one! Change genders every time I sneeze? That would be very chaotic!

BC: Yeah, especially because there’s at least twenty different genders. You’re going to sneeze and be like, “Which one am I?”

G: Yeah! You don’t know which one you will get!

T: What is your favorite comic book?

G: Watchmen. That was one of my first long-form graphic novels, I really love that story.

T: What were you up to before you started working with Louder with Crowder?

G: I worked for a movie theater company – I’m not gonna tell you which one – for ten years! I started as an usher, which is the lowest of the low, all the way up to corporate. I worked there for a long time.

T: What is one thing you’d like to learn or do now that you’ve moved over to Nerdrotic?

G: Hmmm, what I have learnt is a lot of new editing skills that I’ve picked up from Pierry and watching what he does, and then on my own, with a different format that I was doing before, because it is a completely different kind of video. Before, it was a lot of live video production, so I guess it would be continuing to learn about editing.

T: What is one funny/embarrassing moment you’ve experienced whilst posting content on the internet?

G: When you asked me what eight times eight was. I was afraid there, when you said “one,” that you’d ask me another math question. So that would be it, right there.

BC: Word to the wise people, Garrett can’t math!

G: Don’t ever ask me to math or read lines!

BC: No taxes for Garrett!

G: I’m homeschooled; I’m not smart!

BC: What do you mean? Homeschool kids are geniuses!

G: I know; I break that curve. It is a bell curve.

T: What franchise were you most bummed to see get taken over by SJW nonsense?

G: Star Wars.

T: What franchise do you think they will destroy next?


Thank you for your time, Garrett! You can find Garrett on YouTube, Oydysee, Instagram, Minds, Twitter, and Parler.

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