An Interview with Geeks + Gamers Lethal Lightning

I chatted with the original Geeks + Gamers Aussie, Lethal Lightning, and pestered him around 1:00 AM his time.

Blabbering Collector: How did you get into video games?

Lethal: I can’t remember a time in my life when I haven’t played video games. I guess I got into it when my dad bought a PlayStation (PS1). I would have been tiny, tiny. I used to play it with him.

The first game we ever played was called The Raiden Project, which was also available as an arcade game. We used to do 2-player mode, and we would just play all day together. Things were just more simple back then! From there, everything just progressed to where we are now. I just was always a gamer; even in school, during lunch, I would be talking about video games… plot elements, who was better at gaming amongst my friends.

BC: How did you come up with “Lethal Lightning?”

L: It came from playing games. I’ve had many different gamer tags. I think I was playing something on PlayStation and I had to create a whole new account, and I came up with “Lethal,” and I wanted it to be a double “L.” So I thought of “Lightning,” after my favorite Final Fantasy character.

BC: How did you get into Geeks + Gamers?

L: I was watching Jeremy in 2017, like most people, around the time of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. I used to be really into Star Wars, especially the Expanded Universe (EU), and I would agree with Jeremy bad mouthing modern Star Wars, but then he would start saying “pro-Filoni” and “pro-Ahsoka” things, and I would think, “This dude is an idiot.”

But then he would continue with shitting on the sequels and having the idea that you can disagree with him, just don’t be an asshole about it. And I was like, “Yeah, I can respect that.” I personally think Filoni and Ahsoka are the worst shit to ever happen to Star Wars before the Disney buyout, and I find them to be just as bad – and, in some cases, worse – than most of Disney Star Wars. Jeremy brought on Ryan to G+G, and Ryan and I started to talk about the EU and how great it was. Ryan vouched for me, and Jeremy brought me in. This was back in 2019.

BC: You think Ahsoka is worse than Disney? How?!

L: The Clone Wars is a complete contradiction of Star Wars. There is no reason for Ahsoka to exist.

BC: Okay, whatever; Teletubbies or Sesame Street?

L: Sesame Street.

BC: What are your YouTube goals, other than being able to one day hire a blonde secretary?

L: I don’t have any; I’m happy.

BC: You don’t even want to hire a blonde secretary anymore? You’ve changed your mind?

L: Should the need arise, absolutely, yes. But no, I would rather see Geeks + Gamers Play get a million subs than my own.

BC: Favorite thing about YouTube?

L: I like how anyone – literally anyone – can start a YouTube channel. They can talk about whatever they want to talk about. I love how it is available for anyone.

BC: Least favorite thing about YouTube?

L: YouTube’s double standards. I prefer rules that are fair for everybody across the board. The double standards are there to cater and appeal to certain groups, and I think that is bullshit.

BC: What’s your favorite topic to discuss?

L: I like to talk about whatever it is that I’m reading or playing at the moment. That is something that I can weigh in and have an opinion on. There are some topics out there that I just don’t know or do not care about. Yeah, it would have to be whatever I’m enjoying or experiencing at the moment.

BC: Favorite thing about your experience thus far in G+G?

L: The whole thing has been amazing, the actual journey itself. I know, super corny.

BC: Princess Leia or Padmé Amidala?

L: Princess Leia without a question. Leia would have some bounce in her. Padme would be starfish.

Lethal Lightning

BC: Do you like hamsters?

L: Not overtly. I’ve had quite a few pet snakes, so they were always like snake food.

BC: If you could go on an adventure with any character, who would you bring?

L: Light Yagami.

Lethal Lightning

BC: Say something extremely Australian.

L: G’day.

BC: That’s it? Wow. Okay. If I made you a sandwich right now, what would you want on it?

L: At the moment, I would want ham, lettuce, tomato, salt, and pepper on a white roll.

BC: How much YouTube do you watch?

L: Quite a bit, many different things… A lot of lore channels, like if I start reading a series and getting into it. I try to avoid spoilers if I can help it. I watch a lot of gaming content. I’m kinda off in my own little world. Meatcanyon and Filthy Frank are the best YouTube channels.

BC: Kylie Minogue or Gal Gadot?

L: What are we talking?

BC: Anything; who do you prefer?

L: To what? What are you trying to ask me here?

BC: If they were both in front of you, who would you pick? Who would you talk to first?

L: Oh, I’d probably talk to Kylie first. I’d rather fuck Gal, though.

BC: Why do you like anime? What do you recommend a newbie should start off with?

L: “Why don’t you” is the better question. For the most part, it’s good content. When it comes to anime and manga, there is just something for everyone.

It’s always been there. When I was a child, there was a show called Cheez TV that played after 6:00 AM Yoga, which sounds exactly what it sounds like. They would show all the cartoons and anime, like Sailor Moon, in the morning, and then it was off to school. It just goes back to my childhood.

Everyone should watch some form of anime. If you don’t like anime, it just means you haven’t found one that you like. Newbies should start off with Cowboy Bebop.

BC: Are you Aussies ever going to do an Australian meetup?

L: No plans to, no.

BC: How did the Full Aussie show begin?

Lethal Lightning

L: It originally consisted of myself, Dash, Raging Ryno, and Lyndon. It was Ryno’s idea; he called me up wanting to do a stream and call it “The Australian Council,” and I though it was the most stupid, most retarded thing I heard in my fucking life. I don’t remember how we came up with the name, but we all got together and streamed. We spent about an hour to an hour and a half watching people freak out over the “toilet paper shortage” of 2020. It was hilarious, people freaking out and old ladies fighting over toilet paper! We had a jolly old time. I can’t remember if Dash ever came back for a second one, but he didn’t want to do it anymore because he hates doing livestreams in general. Us three kept doing it, and eventually, we brought in Steph (MyNerdyHome) as the token foreigner, and it’s just taken off ever since then! We’ve had all types of people on, other channels, people from the porn industry.

BC: So when did it actually start? Around 2020?

L: I think we did the first one February or March of 2020.

BC: Look at that; already two years! If you were trapped on an island and could only have three things with you, what would they be?

L: Satellite phone, flare gun, and you.

BC: So you can eat me like in the video game?

L: No!

BC: Do you like to collect? If so, what?

L: Not so much since moving, and I have limited space, but if I like it, then I’ll get it, even if it means putting it in storage.

BC: Anything you wanna say to your viewers?

Speed Round – Short Answers

BC: Rose Tico or Rey Skywalker?

L: Rey Skywalker. I’d like to point out that she is not a Skywalker.

BC: Rodney Dangerfield or Robin Williams?

L: Oh, that’s harsh. Rodney Dangerfield.

BC: Favorite video game?

L: Kingdom Hearts 2.

BC: How many countries have you been to?

L: None.

BC: Favorite film?

L: The original Halloween.

BC: Do you like the Backstreet Boys?

L: Overrated.

BC: Queen or ACDC?

L: Queen, but Prince is better than both. And Pink Floyd is great too. Pink Floyd is better than Queen.

BC: Favorite composer?

L: Hans Zimmer.

BC: Favorite color?

L: Black.

BC: What is your go-to drink?

L: Water.

BC: I meant alcohol.

L: Oh, then Gentleman Jack Whiskey, Canadian Club, or Jameson.

BC: Mozza or Lyndon?

L: Both are shit.

BC: Do you drink banana milk?

L: Fuck no.

BC: Do you like Abba?

L: Yeah.

BC: Name a person/place/thing that you despise.

L: Lyndon. No, actually, can I take that back? Emma Stone. I fucking hate Emma Stone. I believe Emma Stone is a trash quality Lindsay Lohan who only has a job because Lindsay was on a hardcore crack bender at the time. Something that Emma Stone hasn’t even attempted to do! And Emma Stone having a mental breakdown at the Oscars when she accidentally got the award for Best Movie of the Year and crying about that, when only moments earlier she had just won Best Actress, one of the most prestigious awards someone like her could ever hope to dream of! Yet she still managed to say that that day was the most embarrassing day of her life! Fuck Emma Stone!

Lethal Lightning

BC: That’s a lot of harped up hatred right there.

L: I don’t like her.

BC: Yeah, I got that. Do you like the Jonas Brothers?

L: *Abrupt* No.

BC: How about the Spice Girls?

L: Yes.

BC:Weirdest place you’ve ever fallen asleep?

L: Strangers’ houses.

BC: Lightsaber color?

L: Uhhh, red.

BC: Favorite song?

L: “Change,” but by Johnny P.

BC: Wizard or Jedi

L: Both are shit, but I’ll go wizard.

BC: Thanks. Favorite cheese?

L: Cheddar.

BC: Why does everyone go for cheddar? Is that the only cheese you guys can think of?

L: Cuz it’s great. It’s convenient. It has multi-purpose. Why would you go out of your way to buy some $20,000 cheese when you can get cheddar and it does the same job, and just as good?

BC: No, no it doesn’t.

L: Well, aren’t you a princess.

A Statement From Mozza

BC: Mozza has a statement for you.

L: I don’t wanna hear it. Next.

BC: You’re gonna hear it. He says: “You really stink and you suck at Halo.”

L: Don’t care.

BC: You’re really grumpy after a 24-hour stream, you know that?

L: *chuckles* I’m here to talk to you; I don’t wanna talk to Mozza.

BC: It was one statement!

L: That’s one too many.

A Statemet From Lyndon:

BC: Lyndon says: “The world and its desires pass away, but Lethal will always love fat tits and simp for Tifa.”

L: Yes.

Lethal Lightning

Questions from the Twitterati

Twitter: Why do you love Mad Max: Fury Road?

Lethal: I don’t, I think it’s one of the worst movies ever made and it did more damage to the franchise than The Last Jedi did to Star Wars. So whoever told you that is a fucking liar.

BC: It was a question on Twitter; I don’t fucking know! Here’s a good one. This one is from Biggles.

T: Does playing with Mozza count towards community service?

L: I don’t believe in reincarnation, but I’m starting to have doubts about that, because I must have done something truly horrible in a previous life to play with Mozza as much as I do. Mozza is good people, he’s just fucked; do you know what I mean?

Lethal Lightning

BC: Yeah, I do. Mara has the next question.

T: When are you going to admit that he doesn’t have simps but paid followers?

L: If you’ve seen my bank account, you would know that that is financially impossible. My simps are legitimate.

T: Mike would like to know what you love most about Halo.

L: Oh, golly! The storytelling. I love the story of Halo. I love most of the characters. I guess it’s just very nostalgic for me as well.

Playing that as a child and teen, it left a big impact on me, and then I got into the actual wider story and thought, “Holy shit, this is actual really cool!” These days, it’s taken a drop in some places… a lot of places, anyplace… you know, Halo these days is really good only on the page.

BC: Not even in gaming anymore?

L: I think MCC (Master Chief Collection) has become really, really good.

Skirmitar has a few questions for you. 

Skirmitar: What do you like to do in real life when you are not in front of your computer?

L: Um, I spend a lot of time out socializing with friends. I like to catch up with my friends and talk shit, hang out!

BC: So, basically, what you do at your computer, you do outside.

L: Without a camera, yeah.

S: What platform do you prefer: YouTube, Twitch, or something else?

L: I think I lean Twitch.

S: Will you get married before the age of 35?

L: Probably not, but you never know!

Thank you, Lethal, for taking the time to sit and chat. You can find him on Twitch, his main YouTube, his gaming channel, Discord, and Instagram.

Memes by Skirmitar and Liquid Blake.

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