An Interview With X-ray Girl

I had a lovely chat with long division champion X-ray Girl!

Blabbering Collector: How and when did you get involved with Geeks + Gamers?

X-ray Girl: I started dating Marc in December of 2019. He was already involved with G+G, and every time I would visit him, he would have Mario Kart Sundays. And, for the record, I knew nothing about YouTube… I didn’t even know Twitch and YouTube had streaming! One day, he gave me a Switch, and I played. From there, Jeremy invited me on. Mario Kart back on Discord got me into G+G! And, funny enough, on Discord, Tuggs and I have a very similar voice. We would get our voices mixed up, and people couldn’t tell who was who.

BC: You know, now that you say that, I can hear the similarities.

X: Uh-huh! And one infamous night, Marc called Tuggs “babe” on the call, and I wasn’t even there! The next morning, he was like, “I’m so sorry, I called another woman ‘babe!'” I was like, “If that is what you’re worried about, then I have absolutely nothing to worry about – literally!”

BC: That’s really funny! You got invited on just from playing Mario Kart in the background?

X: Yeah, and Jeremy asked me to do one or two things. I think it started really with the G+G Gaming Podcast that was weekly. Jeremy asked me to make notes and timestamps on what happened in each podcast, like detailed notes on jokes and arguments. From there, it just kinda blew up! Jeremy recommended me to Gary as a producer for Nerdrotic. That is when I got really involved.

Jeremy was calling me, and I was panicking. I was like, “Why is the boss calling me? What did I do wrong?” It’s the first thing you think! Jeremy was like, “I have a big question for you; take the time to think about it if you’d like… would you like to be the producer for Nerdrotic?”

I knew who Gary was, but I didn’t know as much about pop culture then as I do now, and I still don’t know as much as the others on “Friday Night Tights.” That’s why I’m so quiet on the show.

BC: It’s not just because of the seven-word limit; it’s because you just don’t know!

X: They will be talking about these names, and I’ll be like, “Is this actually a character, or is this a person? I can’t tell! Like Jar-Jar Abrams, is that the Jar-Jar Binks’ actor?” I had no idea then. I’m such a dumb-dumb!

X-ray Girl

Anywho, it just kinda worked out; my life was already changing at that point. I told Marc that if and when we do get married, I was going to go part-time. I have the flexibility to take whatever shifts I want, I don’t need the benefits, and I still contribute to my pension as a hospital worker. I had the two jobs, and then, all of a sudden, I was on Twitch… it’s been crazy. I’ve been working with Gary for over a year now. It’s been fun!

BC: What does being a producer for Gary entail? Which shows do you work on?

X: When we first started, it was an ever-changing job. And Gary even said this, that there were going to be mistakes and find out what he needed and to see if I could fill that need. And if I could do it, I did.

On the live shows, I keep track of timestamps for Pierry Chan so he can make “Nerdrotic Daily” videos based on the livestreams from “Friday Night Tights” or something. So if they say something funny, or something funny happens, because either Pierry will clip out the voice or the footage.

I also organize superchats so Gary can read them in a logical way. I try my best to proofread the superchats, too, because there are a lot of mistakes. Even then, I can’t get them all. On top of that, I talk to the chat and the mods. I’m very glad that Garrett is there on the technical end, making sure everything runs smoothly. I have the name of “producer,” but Garrett is also a producer as well for the show. So I do this for “Friday Night Tights” and for “Real BBC,” when it is on Gary’s channel. I do watch the Nooners and do the exact same thing, just not live. That gives me the flexibility to do that whenever. I compile a list of all the superchats he didn’t read and then send that over to him.

I also line up guests and make sure that everything runs smoothly on that end.

BC: You’re almost like a secretary, too, then, getting the guests all lined up.

X: Yeah, so a lot of it is admin stuff. When I was younger, I was a receptionist, and I loved that so much.

BC: “Welcome to Nerdrotic; how may I help you?”

X: Yes, that could be so fun! It would be very interesting to listen to some of the people that would call in.

BC: “You’re a racist!” “Well, thank you; have a nice day!”

X: Yeah… that’s why I don’t go on Twitter often.

BC: What’s it like being a pop culture normie?

X: I don’t know much about what’s happening and going on. That’s really it. They will say something, and I just won’t know. When I was growing up, I was involved in so many different hobbies like dance, music, soccer, and then there was homework… I just didn’t have the time to watch TV and movies. It’s nice to watch them now. It’s a combination of nostalgia and new and a great comparison of today’s pop culture.

BC: What pop culture have you gotten into, and what do you like the most?

X: Like currently? Hmm… *ponders*. I really liked Top Gun: Maverick. The worst part of it is that I’ve only seen 70% of the movie! The screen broke at the theater I was in. Marc and I got vouchers for the next time, but because we are so busy, we have to plan a few weeks ahead! I’m really sad I haven’t finished it! It’s a very simple story. There isn’t some big, convoluted plot. It was captivating. It was nostalgic and had good music and an ode to the first movie.

I like that we aren’t told what we should feel from the characters. They use nonverbal cues, facial expressions, the way they speak to emote the way that they feel. I think back to my English classes back in the day. They teach you all these different ways to tell a story, but I feel like today’s stories are straight-up written out telling you how to feel. There are so many ways to emote a feeling!

BC: Like a math problem! There are multiple ways to solve an equation.

X: Yes… well… not all of them.

BC: Well, some, but you know better than me.

X: Yes, I am the math genius of  G+G.

BC: Wow. *chuckles* Any show that you’re into?

X: Right now, I’m really into Firefly. Better Call Saul is really good. Not as good as Breaking Bad.

BC: Why do you like those shows the most?

X: The way they tell the story; it’s a very complicated story. There are a few protagonists, and you know some information based off of Breaking Bad. But now we get the really deep background story that leads up to the point of Breaking Bad. They link all these stories and characters together. It’s so well done; it’s well produced, acted, written, all of it! It seems like it’s simple and easily executed, but it probably isn’t.

BC: Who thought of the title for Pour Choices?

X: Ooooooooo. I’m actually not sure who came up with the title. We had a few titles.

BC: I think I know the answer because I talked to Tuggs two weeks ago about this. But I want to know what your answer is!

X: I don’t remember; I have a goldfish memory!

BC: Well, apparently, it was you. She gave you the credit!

X: Oh, that is so sweet! I’m a forgetful creative genius. You can tell me that I robbed a store before, and I wouldn’t even remember.

BC: I’m curious if your answer is similar to Tuggs: what do you like about The Bachelor?

X: I initially liked The Bachelor when I was single, young X-ray Girl. You get to watch all these beautiful people going on gorgeous and expensive dates. It’s this overly romanticized version of dating. Extravagant dinners and activities! It was just a fun thing to watch when I was younger. It probably wasn’t healthy because no one dates like that in real life, unless you are filthy rich… which I’m not!

Now, when I watch it, it’s like watching  a car crash… I just can’t take my eyes off of it. I’m like, “Oh my God, they are crazy!” Yet it’s so captivating. Plus, I feel so much better about my life choices when I see these people make their own decisions. You learn from your mistakes and decisions. My life feels great in comparison to theirs!

X-ray Girl

BC: Your answer was similar to Tuggs’. She said she liked the drama of it.

X: That is why she is my bestie.

BC: Give me a fun fact about yourself.


BC: What is your favorite social media platform and why?

X: Back before I even joined G+G, I really loved Instagram. I love the memes; the memes are great. Does YouTube count? I like YouTube and watching videos. I enjoy Twitter sometimes. I just don’t have enough time to scroll like I used to. You even send me videos, and I wish I could do the same, but I just don’t have the energy!

BC: *Laughs* That’s alright; no hard feelings.

X: If I didn’t have a billion different jobs, I would probably say Instagram.

BC: What are your goals for 2022?

X: I reached all of them, actually!

BC: Well, aren’t you Miss Perfect!? What were they?

X: *laughs* I wanted to make Twitch partner. I wanted to start my personal YouTube channel and monetize it, which has been done. Those were the two main ones. Now, the next big goal is to actually do all of this more full-time. I think I can make it happen; I just have to put my ducks in a row. I need to plan. I’m really happy about everything. I think the only thing I would do for 2022 is possibly reach 10K on my YouTube channel. I’m currently almost at 5k.

BC: You’re moving and grooving!

X: To be fair, I haven’t done anything with my YouTube in ages. It’s just people who have been subscribing from Nerdrotic and G+G. I haven’t done anything! It’s nice to have a high base to start with. I started to notice the growth about a month ago, after starting my channel up again. It’s nice to have that boost.

BC: Very cool. Random question for you. Do you like to collect, and if so, what is your focus?

X: Collect?

BC: Yeah, like anything, really. You have a collection behind you.

X: Oh! Yes.

BC: What did you think I meant? Collect bellybuttons or something?

X: The first thing I thought was toenails or teeth or something.

I have a lot of stuffed animals. I love stuffed animals! I used to sleep on a queen bed, and half the bed was just stuffed animals. I have a couple of Pokemon. But I really want to get all the plushies when the “Friday Night Tights” plushies come out. I already have MauLer, Rags, and Critical Drinker.

I want to collect all the posters [from “FNT” and G+G] and print them out. I have a hallway that I can decorate of “fellowship” fan art. And I don’t know… what else do I collect? Do wine bottles count?

BC: Sure. Do you keep the corks?

X: No, I make my own wine. They come in a case of forty.

BC: And you probably finish them in a week.

X: *Laughs* No!

BC: Yeah, it’s probably, like, four days.

BC: *More laughter* Yeah… to be fair, it probably takes about two months.

BC: Oh, okay; that’s almost a bottle a day. Almost.

X: Okay, maybe a little more than that. *Giggles* It’s for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Guys, I don’t know what sober is like. I’m kidding, of course.

BC: If you could bring any character with you on an adventure, who would you bring?

X: Hermione Granger from Harry Potter.

BC: I didn’t even have to twist your arm for Harry Potter; that was brilliant. Okay, here is a serious question. If Marc asked you to make him a sandwich, would you make him one? And what would it be?

X: I’d probably make something similar to this place called California Sandwiches, and it’s this place that sells a sandwich made of breaded meat, tomato sauce, mushrooms and peppers, and simple bread. We don’t really have bread in the house to make a sandwich. What can you make a sandwich out of if you don’t have bread?

BC: Why don’t you have bread? Is it a dietary thing?

X: No, we just don’t have bread! Sometimes we have English breakfast muffins with peanut butter.

BC: *Stares in shock* If I ever come to visit, I’ll bring you a roll of bread.

X: Well, I could buy it for when you come! It’s just not something we usually have!

BC: Unbreaded, literally.

X: Yeah, literally. I am unbreaded, guys! On paper.

BC: How many languages do you speak?

X: English. Pig Latin. And gibberish. I’m joking about the last two. I speak a little bit of Vietnamese, but very, very little. I know some Italian for work. But yeah, I wish I knew more. English is my third language that I learned. My first two languages that I learned were Vietnamese and Cantonese, but I don’t remember them!

BC: Oh, well, that’s handy. What is your favorite part about being a member of G+G?

X: There are so many people in G+G, and I love the culture that Jeremy has created. I don’t know how he finds these people that work well in the team. But he does! And it’s great. You hear the story of how people joined. For example, Disparu sent Jeremy a drunken message and then, all of a sudden, becomes this integral member. And Ryan met Jeremy at a meetup in person, and now, all of a sudden, he’s here! And his own channel is blowing up! It’s absolutely insane. And then, how did he become friends with Uche? It’s so weird and cool how he collects these people and brings these people together.

When you see us in person, coming together, at a meetup… it’s magical. The best way to put it is like watching a crossover episode of all your favorite shows. Or like when the Avengers first came together, and there’s that epic shot going around them, there is just this epic feeling inside you that, “Oh my God, something amazing is going to happen! I can feel it.” I love the energy of G+G; I see it becoming this big thing. My favorite thing is the feeling. I only wish I had more time to do things. And, also, they play and do things so late at night, at like 2:00 AM in the morning!

BC: Have you experienced any challenges with being on the internet, such as protecting your identity or bullying?

X: Not particularly. I try to be careful on the identity part. No one has ever really bothered me about that. In terms of challenges, I went into all of this with a lot of thought and reflection on what I wanted from the internet, even before being a part of G+G. When I decided that I wanted to be more open, I wanted to make sure that I was okay with taking criticism, and to be fair and honest, I haven’t really gotten a lot of criticism.

Those that do say something have, like, four followers, or a weird profile photo, or is, like, a bot. The most recent was, someone said something negative about Harley’s passing. And I was like, “I don’t care. I don’t even know who you are; your opinions don’t matter to me.”

And I guess that is something that I always thought, and now it has just developed more, especially now that there are a lot of voices out there. And to be fair, I don’t have a lot of opinions. I’m not as strong of a reviewer as Gary, Jeremy, or Ryan about current stuff. And I guess that is where a majority of the negative comments are. I’m lucky for that.

BC: Is there anything you would like to say to your viewers and fans?

X: I love you guys! I really do! This last week was such a hard week, and I know I didn’t reply to everyone. Just that the love that Harley has, and they have for me… it’s just tenfold more than I thought. I appreciate it. I love hanging out, having fun, and making a mockery of myself to make others laugh. I do that a lot. Maybe too much. But, yeah, I hope you enjoy it!

Speed Round – Short Answers Only

BC: Hogwarts House?


BC: Lightsaber color?

X: Purple.

BC: That is what Tuggs said too. Interesting. Favorite film?

X: Lilo & Stitch.

BC: Do you know how to ride a horse?

X: Yes.

BC: Name a place you want to visit.

X: Greece.

BC: Narnia or the Shire?

X: Ooooo. Don’t make me choose! Uhhhh… I love food, so Shire!

BC: Baby Cyborgs when?

X: We have two: JoJo and Rocky!

BC: Backstreet Boys or BTS?

X: Oh. Why!? Oh no… Backstreet Boys.

BC: What’s your favorite cheese?

X: All of them.

BC: You’re like: “charcuterie board.”

X: I don’t discriminate; I’m not a cheese-ist.

BC: Favorite G+G / Nerdrotics member, excluding Marc?

X: Tuggs.

BC: Hannah Montana, Wizards Of Waverly Place, or That’s So Raven?

X: That’s So Raven! I loved that show.

Questions from ThatTuggLife:

Tuggs: What is the best advice you’ve ever gotten?

X-ray Girl: Okay, relationship-wise: know your value. Don’t just be blinded by it, especially in the beginning. There are a lot of red flags that I kind of missed the first few dozen times. Financially: save 50%, 30% goes to bills, 20% is for fun!

T: How do you navigate your failures?

X: The first thing I think about with failures is if it’s a learning lesson. I’m channeling my parents right now. These things need to happen because you will learn from them. You will see the signs and stop it from happening or continue to learn. That’s a lesson, over and over again. Just keep living! It also makes the good times feel really good. How can you compare if you are always happy?

T: What’s a life lesson you’d like to pass on for others to learn?

X: Oh my God. Uhhh… don’t care what other people think. Like, especially today, for example. If you don’t like Disney Star Wars, you’re a racist. Well, why should you care what other people think? These people don’t matter to you! You should care what your family and best friends think. Why do you have to convince people?

T: Which G+G guy are you going to try and pick up next?

X: I’ve yet to successfully pick up Jeremy, so he is next. I’ve picked up Ryan and Jay! But, for some reason, Jeremy is above average.

BC: Jeremy, if you’re reading this, I have this on camera if you would like it clipped.

T: What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen on an X-ray?

X: The weirdest?

BC: Besides a broom up someone’s butt.

X: I had to do a CAT scan of a guy’s hernia. It starts from their diaphragm and ends by the male’s gonad. And, in this specific requisition, “Please ensure that you get the entire scrotal region.”

BC: Wow.

X: So remember, this is for a hernia. You can see a hernia through a belly button or through a leg, but there are instances where the bowels can go into that region… So, this was when I was a young student. I did the scan, and I was like, “I missed it?” And they were like, “Add a couple slices.” Slices are millimeters. And it just kept getting bigger, and I was like, “What do we do? I don’t know how to do this!” And then the technician is like, “You’re going to go into the room and see how far it goes.” So I go in there, and I’m not even kidding you; it was almost down to his knees. His balls were THAT big due to the hernia.

BC: Dannngggg! How did he put pants on?

X: He had sweats on. It was definitely a learning experience.

T: Are we wifeys for lifeys?

X: Heck yeah. I don’t believe in divorce.

T: What poor choice are we making first in Vegas?

X: Before I even get there, I’m having one on the plane.

Questions From MarcTheCyborg

Marc: When are you going to start a “Tuggs Gaming PC” fund?

X: I have to do that? I’d start a GoFundMe, but they suck. Guys, we are gonna do a stream. The money goes directly to Tuggs’ PC fund.

M: Why are you so good-looking?

X: I got it from my mamma.

Questions from Twitter:

Twitter: Now that you play Dungeons & Dragons, how do you like it?

Xray Girl: I love it! I didn’t think I’d like it, but I’m always willing to give something a chance. There was a learning curve at the beginning. There were so many things that I’m sure Erudi could have screwed us over with. And, I mean, two of us did die! But that was the learning curve. We are learning about our characters as we go; like, I didn’t know I had certain powers at first.

BC: Yeah, I really love summoning Young Rippa.

X: Another thing is that we were so awkward in the beginning. I was like, “What do I do?” And we’ve really improved, I think.

T: How often do you steal Marc’s leg?

BC: My add-on is, do you use it for fetch with your dogs?

X: I sometimes use it to scratch my back. I’m kidding. I think the leg would kill them if I threw it. I think I’ve only ever stolen it for fun maybe three or four times, total. I’m usually bringing him a leg from a chest. He has a lot of legs that we keep in a chest with his accessories. That way, it is easy to find it all. If Marc’s like, “I need a sock!” I’ll be like, “What kind of sock? For the foot or the stump?”

BC: It’s great that you guys get along so well.

X: It also helps that I work in the medical field. I think I find it easier to understand it all because of it.

T: Which was a more thrilling experience: picking up Jay or kicking Ryan in the balls?

X: I never kicked him! It was my hand.

BC: It was a low-five!

X: Picking up Jay was more fun because hitting Ryan in his goods wasn’t something I planned to do.

T: How much do we have to donate during a livestream to see you do it again?

X: To slap him? I feel like I would have to have a conversation with Ryan before anything else. It would be purposeful this time. I dunno, is he done having kids? If he’s done having kids, I think the price could be lower. But if he isn’t, the price could be higher!

T: Is your favorite drink of choice really Coke?

X: Like nonalcoholic? It would have to be Sanpellegrino flavored drinks, like Pompelmo. They taste so good and are refreshing. Alcoholic would be wine or a “skinny bitch.”

T: Do you measure bananas in centimeters or inches?

X: Centimeters; what am I, American?

T: Are your bananas small, or are your hands big?

X: What does that even mean? I eat small bananas, but I even eat regular-sized bananas. Because I do mammograms, I can say that I have the thickest hands in the department. I work with teeny, tiny human beings who are all 5’2″, and I’m 5’7″.

T: What about Marc helped you fall in love with him?

X: I liked his energy. His resilience is what really drew me to him. He is just so positive, even after all he’s been through. He’s very passionate about what he does, and he loved my dog so much. He and Harley were super close. She was a bit sexist; she didn’t like men. But with Marc, she ended up really liking him. My dog must love the human that I go with. And he wasn’t into partying. Like, he can party, but he’s mature and well-behaved. Those are the main things that I can think of.

Thank you, X-ray Girl, for chatting and giggling with me! You can find her on Twitch, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram!

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