Arcane Season 2 Poster Shows Sisterly Love

Today, a poster for season 2 of the Netflix animated sci-fi series Arcane was released on social media. Back in 2021, Riot Games and the French studio Fortiche released season 1 of the League of Legends adaptation to rave reviews from fans and newbies (like myself) alike. It took six years to create season 1, so it makes sense that it took three for season 2; models and assets existed, but this show isn’t cheap, and you can see the loving detail in every shot. The poster shows Jinx embracing her older sister Vi, with the caption, “Nothing ever stays dead.” Could this refer to their adoptive father, Vander? Check out the poster here:  

Arcane Poster

It’s gorgeous and provokes a strong emotional reaction, none of which is surprising for the excellent Arcane. But what do you think about the show, the poster, or anything else? Let us know in the comments!

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