Assault at Universal Studios Hollywood

Violence came to Universal Studios Hollywood as an altercation was caught on video and uploaded to Instagram. The video depicts a man who had allegedly just shoved his wife to the ground (she’s seen getting up as the video begins) walking away from the scene with his children, one of whom is crying for her mother. When Universal employees – called “team members” – follow the group and try to talk to the man, he becomes angry, demanding to know why they’re following him, then punches one in the face. This happened “place in the park’s Lower Lot, outside Revenge of the Mummy and Transformers: The Ride 3D,” according to Universal Parks New Today, the Universal arm of WDS News Today. The video was shared on Instagram yesterday, but this is not the original poster, so it’s unclear when the incident happened.


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Does this guy really wonder why the employees were following him? He doesn’t think it’s because he just assaulted his wife in public, and they’re worried about whether he’ll do the same to his kids or another guest? More likely, he just doesn’t care. But this kind of thing is a danger to everyone, not just the family; someone who would act this way to his wife will do it to anyone, as you can see when he punches the Universal employee. There’s no more information about the incident, but I hope the police showed up and did something about it. It’s California, so I’m not betting on it, unless they arrested his wife (not that it’s any better here in New York right now), but that family clearly needs help. I saw something like this happen at a park when I was a kid – that time, it was two guys fighting, not a domestic disturbance – and it unsettles everyone because you never know if it’s going to spill over or what to do about it, not the least because most people attending have their own families to protect. As always, keep your wits about you, no matter the environment.

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