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A Profile of Chad Cavanaugh

author image by Chris Kubiak | Printed Media | 0 Comments | 28 Jun 2017
We live in a day and age where everyone has become familiar with comics. With the massive success in other mediums by Marvel and DC, there isn't a household who is lacking in some sort of comic memorabilia. This, of... Read more

How the Nerd Life Taught Me to be a Dad

author image by Chris Kubiak | Social | 0 Comments | 17 Jun 2017
The relationship between father and son has been at the center of many stories in the nerd and geek worlds. From Luke and Anakin Skywalker to Final Fantasy's Tidus and Jecht, that often-contentious relationship between the two has made for interesting... Read more

The Faithful and the Faithless in American Gods

author image by Chris Kubiak | Television | 0 Comments | 29 May 2017
American Gods has done an excellent job in its first season of setting itself up to be a must-watch week-to-week show. The myriad of themes it has been tackling since the beginning is impressive and unique for a show in its... Read more

STAR WARS: 40 Years of Collectibles

author image by Chris Kubiak | Movies | 0 Comments | 24 May 2017
Yoda grapes. This was an actual item available for purchase in the supermarkets of America when Star Wars: The Force Awakens was approaching release. There wasn't anything special about them. They were literally grapes in a bag with Yoda emblazoned upon it.... Read more

STAR WARS: Cosplay and Conventions

author image by Chris Kubiak | Movies | 0 Comments | 23 May 2017
As children, most of us would play pretend. We would imagine ourselves as Ninja Turtles or Transformers. We'd place ourselves in command of the Millennium Falcon. Arguments would constantly flare up over who got to be Luke or Han and... Read more

Dark Crystal Prequel Series Going to Netflix

author image by Chris Kubiak | Television | 0 Comments | 18 May 2017
If Google doesn't take over the world, Netflix is certainly making its own push for world domination. The online streaming service recently announced it would be, in cooperation with The Jim Henson Company, bringing Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, to... Read more
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