Beverly Hills Cop 4, Remakes Among Movies to Film in California

Some long-rumored movies are headed our way courtesy of a political payoff. The Hollywood Reporter reveals that, thanks to California’s Film and TV tax credits – a thank-you to limousine liberals from the politicians they helped elect, no matter how much they try to couch it in generating “below-the-line wages” – twenty-three movies are currently on the docket. Among the more interesting titles are a Zack Snyder science fiction film called Rebel Moon, remakes of Scarface and White Men Can’t Jump (dear God, how the hell are they going to make that today?), and Beverly Hills Cop 4. All four, along with six others, are listed as “non-indie” studio films, whereas the other thirteen are independent movies. Beverly Hills Cop 4 is a Netflix production, with Paramount Pictures licensing their franchise to the streaming service with a sequel option (no doubt because, despite Eddie Murphy being the biggest star of the 1980s, he’s not exactly a hot commodity these days).

As much as it irks seeing the government bend over backwards to help the elite (although I guess they earned it with their endless fusillades of insufferable tweets), hopefully, we can at least get some good movies out of the deal. Whether or not any of these will actually be good is difficult to predict. I love Beverly Hills Cop and its first sequel – I haven’t seen the third since I was a kid and need to watch it again, although most seem to hate it – but it’s hard to say if they’ll let a fourth entry be as crass and loose as the original. I can’t imagine a scene like Axel’s finagling of a hotel room at a swanky hotel using misplaced white guilt happening without some annoying “The More You Know” type of message attached to it, lest anyone simply laugh at a fun movie. That they’re calling it a reboot also worries me; I don’t want to see Axel train the next generation of wisecracking Detroit cops who visit Beverly Hills to solve crimes while immersing themselves in a posh culture. As for some of the others, well, I don’t really see the need to remake Scarface (again) or White Men Can’t Jump, although I like some of the talent behind the former. And Rebel Moon sounds cool enough on paper. One can hope, I suppose.

Do any of these movies sound good to you? Are you looking forward to Beverly Hills Cop 4? Can The Even More Distinguished Gentleman be far behind? Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned to Geeks + Gamers for more movie news!

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August 25, 2021 at 8:06 pm

Can’t wait to skip any Eddie movie.

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