Blabs’ Thoughts on the J.K. Rowling Controversy

Wizarding World creator J.K. Rowling has certainly been in the headlines these past few years, and with Hogwarts Legacy arriving in a few days, I figured I’d give my opinion on everything that has been going on. Let’s go back chronologically…

Albus Dumbledore… Is Gay?

Growing up, I never thought Dumbledore was gay; in fact, as a child in the early 2000s, I always pictured him and McGonagall as a couple, not knowing the age difference or anything else that would prove otherwise. But then, in 2007, after the release of the last novel, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Rowling announced he was gay after the completion of the books. And, well… going back and rereading, there was never anything proving that he was straight or gay. To me, he wasn’t gay, but there is nothing to prove my stance.

Rowling did go on to say that, whilst working on the sixth film’s script, she saw that it referenced that Dumbledore once had a female love interest. She immediately informed director David Yates that he was, indeed, gay, and they removed the reference. This is important to note because principal photography on the sixth film did not start until late September of 2007. This means that pre-production took place prior to the publication of the last novel, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, as it was published in July of 2007.

Again, I’m reiterating this because, until I researched the dates and timelines, I thought that Rowling had only said this as clout and pandering to a specific community. But it turns out she was genuine in her storytelling and just didn’t feel the need to include the fact that Dumbledore was gay in a children’s book. I never cared if he was gay, as it never affected the story of the original Harry Potter books. If you have watched the three Fantastic Beasts films, you will know that Dumbledore being gay affects the plot.

Fake News

Back in 2017, when Mr. Trump was President, there was a viral video circulating of Trump “ignoring” a child in a wheelchair. This was an edited video missing context and has since been clarified; however, this didn’t stop Rowling from dramatically tweeting about it. The tweets have since been deleted, but here they are below:

JK Rowling

Now, this is important to point out because this was the very first time I started to pay attention to fake news and realized that Rowling was, indeed, a flawed human, just like everyone else. The foggy goggles were slowly becoming clearer, and she honestly didn’t even really apologize to the one she was criticizing, President Trump. She was constantly chiming in with her opinion of the Trump administration, even though she is not American and cannot vote in any American elections.

Cursed Child Abomination Includes a Black Hermione

Everyone knows that J.K. Rowling did not write Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. (At least, I hope everyone does…) I just don’t believe an author who can write eight fully fleshed-out novels filled with descriptions and lore can drastically change their writing style to include lazy, lore-breaking events. Last year, I wrote a full breakdown of why Hermione Granger randomly changing races was just a political publicity stunt by J.K. Rowling and the rest of the people involved with Cursed Child. She never saw Hermione as black; she has been picturing Hermione as white since the day she created the character back in the early 90s! This was always just an antic, with Rowling coming out and saying, “Hermione can be black,” and if you disagreed with her, you were the racist.

These remarks, on top of the actual vile plot of the play, woke me up. I remember being very skeptical when the play was first announced. I didn’t want a play; I wanted a fleshed-out story about the children since that was the direction Rowling was going. But I purchased the book the day the script was published and read it in one sitting. I couldn’t believe what I had read. The characters didn’t behave as themselves, the time-turner laws went out the window, and Cedric turning into a death eater was just as stupid as the trolley lady having wings! Honestly, what did I even read?!

I was so disappointed that Rowling had sold out for this story, out of everything! Everyone I’ve spoken to about seeing the actual play has said relatively the same thing: the acting is superb, the stage and special effects are incredible, but the story is downright ridiculous. There’s just no fixing it.

Rowling vs. PewDiePie

I had no idea this was even a thing until Jeremy mentioned it on a Tuesday Night Main Event stream. I had to research this one. In early 2017, YouTuber PewDiePie, posted some videos about paying third-world people money (on Fiverr) to do outrageous and offensive things and how far they were willing to go for money.

He released a statement:

“This originated from a video I made a couple of weeks ago. I was trying to show how crazy the modern world is, specifically some of the services available online. I picked something that seemed absurd to me—That people on Fiverr would say anything for 5 dollars. I think it’s important to say something and I want to make one thing clear: I am in no way supporting any kind of hateful attitudes. I make videos for my audience. I think of the content that I create as entertainment, and not a place for any serious political commentary. I know my audience understand that and that is why they come to my channel. Though this was not my intention, I understand that these jokes were ultimately offensive. As laughable as it is to believe that I might actually endorse these people, to anyone unsure on my standpoint regarding hate-based groups: No, I don’t support these people in any way.”

Rowling saw this story and thought the YouTuber’s satire and videos were not funny at all and equated it to fascism.

Essentially, she called PewDiePie a fascist. This is a very extreme statement, especially since he was calling out how horrific it is and was doing the opposite of what she thought he was. He wasn’t celebrating it; he was highlighting how extreme poverty is. She essentially started out participating in this “witch hunt turned cancel culture” phenomenon by disregarding what PewDiePie had said and making it into an agenda.

Johnny Depp

When Johnny Depp was announced to cameo in the first Fantastic Beasts film as Gellert Grindelwald, some controversy arose. When it was announced in 2017 that he would be staying on, even more controversy arose, so much so that Rowling even posted on her website on December 7th, 2017, prior to the second Fantastic Beasts film (that would release in 2018). In short, she backed up Johnny Depp:

“Based on our understanding of the circumstances, the filmmakers and I are not only comfortable sticking with our original casting, but genuinely happy to have Johnny playing a major character in the movies.”

This means that Rowling more than likely knew a lot more about the Depp-Heard case than most people did back in 2017. I’m guessing she had signed some NDA. Rowling hasn’t said anything about Johnny Depp’s replacement as Mikkelsen.

What Is A Woman?

Back in 2020, Rowling tweeted out the following:

This started an uproar as people on both sides of the political aisle began to discuss and argue over her statement. Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts actors came out and said their part as well. Rowling received death and rape threats. She then replied with the following thread and a blog post on her website:

She explained that as a victim of domestic abuse, she feels that women need a safe space, as well as other important reasons. Read her blog to know more. Fast-forward to 2023, and she is still getting hate for disagreeing that trans women are not the same as biological women. All you have to do is check her Twitter to see all the harassment and arguments that are still occurring anytime she tweets.

How ironic that, up until 2020, Rowling was considered a “savior” and a massive SJW, and now, because she disagrees with the far left on what a woman is, she is being canceled, even though she was on their side and would use her platform to (accidentally, in some cases) falsely accuse people.


Rowling is no stranger to donating to charities. She created Lumos, an organization that protects children across the globe. Most recently, she has established a support service and donated to save female lawyers (and their families) in Afghanistan. The support service is only for women who are survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault/harassment. As it is not a charity, it cannot be closed down by activists. These donations and organizations actually save lives, unlike Marvel’s Eternals.

Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy will launch on February 10th, and it seems nearly every day, there is news surrounding the game and/or J.K Rowling. Personally, I thought that the first two showcases were a massive disappointment, and I thought the “shill” videos from various Wizarding World fans were more interesting, and the graphics looked better than what we saw in the showcases. The removal of “male” and “female,” to me, is insane and just panders to the woke mob, who don’t even want to purchase this game and are boycotting! It’s even funnier because Rowling did not create Hogwarts Legacy, and it is safe to assume she didn’t create any characters or help with the plot. However, she is still getting royalties, as she owns the IP. And that is what the crazy keyboard warriors are upset about: because she created something they love, and they hate that!

Wizarding World Employees Bend the Knee

It’s no secret that many Wizarding World employees have bent the knee and distanced themselves from Rowling. Just look at some of the Harry Potter cast members, such as Emma Watson and Sebastian Croft, the latter of whom voices “Voice 1” in the English version of the video game. He apologized to the woke mob for not having the same opinion as Rowling. They are just throwing her under the bus to protect their own necks.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I’m excited to stream the game because I know it will be pure entertainment, regardless if I’m crying or ecstatic on stream! I don’t care at all that Rowling will profit from these games; she gave me a childhood, a hobby, and I made friends throughout the years bonding over the IP. She’s done more good than harm to billions of people around the world. She’s taught children to read, she saved people from depression, and was an escape for so many. I don’t agree with people saying she is a “horrible person” because how can someone who has given so much to others be a horrible person? At the end of the day, buy the game if you are curious and want to play it. If you don’t want to play the game, then don’t!

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