Black Adam Not in DC’s Immediate Future, Gal Gadot May Still be Wonder Woman

Another piece of James Gunn and Peter Safran’s puzzle has fallen into place – or out of it, to be more accurate. On his Twitter account, The Rock shared a statement about DC’s current plans for Black Adam:

Like Henry Cavill’s response to being let go, Rock’s is gracious and understanding. And I do think he’s being let go; I didn’t buy the “Maybe we’ll work together down the road” spiel with Cavill, and I don’t buy it here either. This is a way to let these guys (attempt to) leave with their dignity, as was Gunn’s comment to Patty Jenkins when she posted her version of the events surrounding her break from DC. If you look at the latter half of Rock’s response, it reads like a goodbye speech. It’s magnanimous of him to be this nice because Rock fought for Black Adam for years, and he did the same for Cavill’s return. Gunn and Safran are clearing the slate, and I imagine everyone, even outsized personalities like Rock, understands that this is the way it is now.

But they may not be clearing the slate completely. On his Instagram account, Gunn posted a screenshot of his Twitter rant about toxic fans. (And if you’ve got a strong stomach, look at all the celebrities and other blue checks replying with those obnoxious clapping hands emojis and cheering him on because these people hate you – and because some of them want a job.) In the comments, a fan mentioned him “boot[ing]” Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot, and Gunn responded:

James Gunn Black Adam

Does this mean Gal Gadot is staying on as Wonder Woman while the rest of the current DC superhero actors are dismissed? A lot of people and outlets are interpreting it this way. It’s possible; if Gunn isn’t keeping her, this is a weird thing to say. It’s possible he could still recast and explain this away as a quibble about semantics (“She hadn’t been fired yet, so technically…”), but for a guy who pisses and moans when people say mean things on Twitter, it wouldn’t be the best move. So maybe Gadot is sticking around, unlike the other two members of DC’s trinity. But we won’t know for sure until we hear from Gunn directly, and whatever he decides, we’d all better like it, or he’ll whine in public again.

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