Box Office Breakdown for Weekend of 6/23/24

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Inside Out 2 Marches Closer to $1 Billion

After the insane opening weekend Disney had with Inside Out 2 last week, this week saw the new Pixar film rake in another $100 million just from the domestic market, bringing its global total to a whopping $724,383,116 according to Now that the first two weeks have passed, we can project that unless some random catastrophic event occurs (unlikely), Inside Out 2 will make a MINIMUM of $1,034,833,023 by the end of its run and a max of about $1,448,766,232 according to historical standards. Could the film end up higher or lower than these numbers? Absolutely, but it is important to remember that most movies will fall somewhere between making either 70% of their total in the first two weeks in a low scenario and about 50% in a high scenario. However, whether it hits the higher or lower end of the estimate doesn’t really matter, as Inside Out 2 has officially not only made back its money but has already made close to $43,030,714 in net profits, even according to my RCC Method. With a projected $200 million budget and a 2023 that saw only losses, this is a huge win for Disney, no matter how you slice it. With the upcoming Deadpool & Wolverine set to break rated-R box office records and eyeing $1 billion itself, there is no doubt that despite the hot water Disney has been and continues to be in, the company will at least have two major victories over the summer of 2024. As far as Inside Out 2 is concerned, expect the film to hit $1 billion by the end of next weekend. 

According to, the top 5 this weekend domestically were:

  1. Inside Out 2 (35% drop in 2nd weekend)
  2. Bad Boys: Ride or Die (44% drop in 3rd weekend)
  3. The Bikeriders ($10 million as a new release)
  4. The Garfield Movie (24% drop in 5th weekend)
  5. Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes (35% drop in 7th weekend)

The Bikeriders’ Solid Reviews Mean Very Little?

As one who has seen the latest film from Jeff Nichols, I can say that The Bikeriders is solid and should be seen by anyone who calls themselves a fan of cinema. Despite that fact, however, it is hard to say that the film is any kind of box office success based on the current opening numbers. Costing an estimated $40 million and only making about $14 million worldwide in its opening means that The Bikeriders currently stands at a loss of about -$52,911,200… yikes. There is always a chance that good word of mouth could propel it to break-even status down the line, but the story of most of these moderately budgeted movies the last few years (even the good ones) often repeats as a box office failure. There is definitely hope that The Bikeriders could see some success on VOD platforms and streaming, especially if Focus Features is able to sell the rights, but at this point, things aren’t looking great. 

Bad Boys: Ride or Die Still Has Not Broken Even as Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes Remains a Flop

The latest Bad Boys film currently stands at about -$12,318,950 in net losses. As it continues to lag behind the 2020 release, the chances of it breaking even remain quite high. It is clear, however, that Bad Boys: Ride or Die will not make massive profits from its theatrical release alone. 

On the other hand, Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes has been seeing consistently strong holds (at least domestically), but it is still not enough to make up for its large budget and relatively small footprint, especially compared to the previous Apes movies. As of right now, the film stands with about -$67,394,510 in losses, and as its returns continue to diminish, the chances of it making back its money theatrically are very unlikely.

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(If you ever want further insight into my methodology, see my previous articles HERE and HERE, and the RCC method I use to break down movies internationally HERE.)

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