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BOX OFFICE RECAP: JULY 23, 2017 - Geeks + Gamers


 Never doubt Christopher Nolan! Dunkirk defeats its box office enemies and easily takes First Place with $50.5 million. This number beats previous projections by approximately $10 million and continues to reaffirm the power of Nolan and a quality film. While these are obviously no Dark Knight numbers, they’re still very impressive considering how unconventional the film was for general audience members. Dunkirk was not your standard war film, focusing more on psychological elements of battle and, surprisingly, audiences loved it all the same.
  Movie Title Domestic Worldwide Total
1 Dunkirk $50,500,000 $105,900,000
2 Girls Trip $30,370,720 $30,370,720
3 Spider-Man: Homecoming $22,010,000 $571,711,581
4 War for the Planet of the Apes $20,400,000 $174,882,706
5 Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets $17,020,000 $17,020,000
6 Despicable Me 3 $12,714,475 $727,422,700
7 Baby Driver $6,000,000 $118,633,939
8 The Big Sick $5,000,000 $24,686,116
9 Wonder Woman $4,630,000 $779,433,279
10 Wish Upon $2,477,816 $10,522,081

Girls Trip surprises with $30.3 million in Second Place. I haven’t been following this film, but I expected $12-15 million max, numbers that it doubled which is extremely impressive considering it’s $19 million production budget. This movie was counter programming at its finest. In Third Place, Spider-Man: Homecoming earns $22 million, dropping a better but still average 50%. There’s not much to analyze here but it is closing in on $600 million worldwide with a number of markets to open in still, so let’s just say that these numbers are nothing to sneeze at.

War for the Planet of the Apes drops a franchise low 63% to Fourth Place with $20.4 million. Much like Girls Trip, this is also pretty surprising considering how many positive reviews the movie received and that Tim Burton’s infamous Apes film had a lower drop. I can’t imagine what went wrong, expect for maybe a bit of fatigue and competition. Nevertheless, War will do fine worldwide and make a profit. It’s just a shame that a film as great as this one isn’t doing significantly better.

Unlike War, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets doesn’t surprise and opens as expected in Fifth Place with $17 million. Reviews have been pretty mixed, ranging from good to okay to incredibly bad. However, with an insanely overloaded budget of $209 million, how did the people behind it expect the film to make a profit? Money is not everything, but it is an important aspect of filmmaking, and it just seems like Valerian was destined to fail. Of course, worldwide numbers have to be taken into account and it has only opened up in a little less than half of its territories. Who knows? Maybe the film surprises and does huge numbers somewhere else. Don’t be expecting much in North America though. . .

Well that was a rather interesting weekend at the box office, with some surprises and some disappointments. Next week sees the release of Atomic Blonde, the second film from director David Leitch (John Wick) and that’s all folks. Nothing else is opening expect for some limited releases. . . and. . . The Emoji Movie.

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