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The Boring Bond Babes: The Ladies of Pierce Brosnan’s Bond

“You see, I have a gift. An instinct for sensing people’s weaknesses. Yours is women.” EON Productions went through several years of copyright debacles, ultimately resulting in the retirement of Timothy Dalton from the role. It’s difficult not to wonder what a Goldeneye starring ...

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Purely Professional: The Ladies of Timothy Dalton’s Bond

“Whoever she was, I must’ve scared the living daylights out of her.” The 1980’s were a period of transition for the Bond franchise. Sir Roger was getting past his prime and admitted so himself when he stepped down from the role after A View to a Kill. The new set of films would h...

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A Man’s Man

I am a massive Jason Statham fan. There are lots of reasons why I like him; he’s the sole modern action hero that feels like he comes from the age of legends like Schwarzenegger and Stallone, he’s got an incredible screen presence, he deals out violence like no one else, and he’s one of those ...

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For His Eyes Only: The Ladies of Roger Moore’s Bond

“Sheer magnetism, darling.” Roger Moore was James Bond for a whole generation of young and old fans. The Bond Girls he starred alongside presented a change in focus, from eye candy to scientists, spies and circus owners. That’s not to say they aren’t also beautiful, though. Let’s t...

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We Have All the Time in the World: A Portrait of Tracy di Vincenzo Bond

“People who want to stay alive play it safe.” Unlike his fellow James Bonds, George Lazenby only played 007 once, and as such only has one Bond Girl to his credit. Fortunately for his rather limited legacy, she’s one of the best and absolutely deserves an entry in our Bond Girls se...

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Underneath the Mango Tree: The Ladies of Sean Connery’s Bond

“I must be dreaming.” Allies. Lovers. Betrayers. One of the defining features of any James Bond film is its female characters. Sometimes smart, usually helpful and always beautiful, their importance is undeniable. Sean Connery being the original cinematic Bond, let’s first look at the ...

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