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Bourne Again

We’re in a film era where franchises reign, and one of the results of that is a large number of sequels flooding theaters. Like with everything else, the quality of sequels varies wildly, and it’s often hard to predict which ones will connect with audiences. I’ve surely been befuddled by which...

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Why Die Hard is a Christmas Movie

You hear it every year, the refrain of the party poopers who want to ruin everyone’s fun: “Die Hard isn’t a Christmas movie.” While no Christmas Season is ever short of Grinches, this year in particular seems to be bringing the wassail Nazis out of the woodwork, and Die Hard is their target,...

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Gremlins is a Darker Version of It’s a Wonderful Life

While making my way through my Christmas Movie Playlist, I decided to watch Gremlins again. I hadn’t seen it in years and kept forgetting to break it out at Christmastime (my brother actually owns the Blu Ray, so it was an out of sight, out of mind deal), but I was determined to rectify that &hell...

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Lethal Weapon is the Perfect Christmas Movie

I love Christmas movies. As soon as the Christmas Season starts (noon on Thanksgiving, officially), I begin watching them, and my playlist grows each year as I see more I like. I watch all kinds: venerable classics like It’s a Wonderful Life and Miracle on 34th Street; modern favorites like Home A...

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Strange Talk

There’s a new podcast in town, folks. It’s called Fresh Geek Context, and it’s a great place to hear in-depth discussions of movies, television, video games, technology and lots of other cool topics. Hosts Jace (a friend of mine) and Josh were gracious enough to invite me to be their guest for...

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Having an Old Friend for Dinner

“I came halfway around the world to watch you run.” Movie sequels are a real crapshoot. There’s no exact formula to getting them right, and you’re almost guaranteed to never please everybody. Public opinion is mysterious; people will praise some movies for doing things that they criticize in...

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