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Candace Cameron Bure Catches Heat for Making Straight Christmas Movies

Candace Cameron Bure is celebrating her religion, so of course, Hollywood is coming for her. The former Full House star has a new contract with the burgeoning cable network Great American Family, and she’s developing a series of Christmas movies with an emphasis on Christianity. Cable network Chri...

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Warner Bros. Dishes Out Some DC and HBO Max Info

Warner Bros. Discovery is currently in a place where they don’t have much to announce, but they’ve gotten fans excited and anxious for details. Expectedly, they’ve got someone coming out every few days to offer crudité, the barest minimum to satiate their viewers’ hunger. The biggest news c...

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Andor Coming to Hulu, ABC And More

Disney+’s Andor has a talented cast, a devoted fanbase, and critical praise behind it; what it lacks is viewership numbers. It seems Disney is trying to change that by airing the show’s first two episodes, “Kassa” and “That Would be Me,” on various TV networks an...

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Doctor Who: Tennant Regenerated into His New Costume to Avoid Drag Connotations, Says RTD

The newly Disneyfied Doctor Who is only a year away from release, with three “hour-long spectacular” 60th-Anniversary specials coming in November of 2023. These episodes will likely answer some of the prevailing questions left from “The Power of the Doctor,” such as why The Doctor regenerate...

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SNL Writers Reportedly Boycotting Over Dave Chappelle

More people are refusing to work with Dave Chappelle if rumors are to be believed. Tomorrow night, Chappelle is hosting Saturday Night Live, which used to be a comedy show, with musical guest Black Star. A couple of days ago, Page Six claimed to have sources telling them that several SNL staff write...

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Studio Ghibli Announces Collaboration With Lucasfilm

Today, Studio Ghibli released a short video announcing a joint project with Lucasfilm. At this point, nothing else is known, but fans speculate whether it could involve Visions season 2. Check out the announcement video here: Well, you can color me pleasantly surprised! I didn’t expect this ...

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