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Leslye Headland Says The Acolyte Isn’t Gay After All

It’s become a bit trite to say that the making of a piece of entertainment, or some real-life story surrounding it, is more entertaining than the art itself, but The Acolyte almost demands it, especially after showrunner Leslye Headland’s latest howler. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter about...

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Would Matthew Lewis Reprise His Role in Harry Potter Reboot Series?

With the announcement of the new Max Harry Potter reboot series, many questions have been floating around regarding the show, such as who will play the trio and who will take on the roles of the iconic teachers. But, of course, there are those asking the previous cast if any of them wish to reprise ...

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Acolyte Writer Blames Dave Filoni for Bad Episode

As you may know, a lot of people (myself included) had issues with the latest episode of The Acolyte. In retrospect, perhaps “Day” is more controversial than the already-hated “Destiny.” Anyway, one of the show’s lovely writers, Claire Kiechel, responded to fan outrage by blaming Dave Filo...

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Possible Former Lucasfilm Employee Talks Star Wars, The Acolyte, and Lucasfilm Agenda

We may have some inside info on the cult-like atmosphere at Lucasfilm. A YouTuber going by the name Knee Payne claims to be a former Lucasfilm employee who worked in the animation division. He mostly makes videos about cameras and filmmaking, but he occasionally talks about Lucasfilm. In a recent vi...

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Russell T. Davies Suggests Doctor Who May Be Canceled

Is this the end of the line for Doctor Who? Russell T. Davies, the long-running British sci-fi series’ current showrunner, seems to think it might be. In an interview with Radio Times (via Doctor Who TV), Davies admitted what many have been reporting for weeks, that the ratings for the show’s n...

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The Boys Will End With Season 5

In the lead-up to season 4 of The Boys, showrunner Eric Kripke announced via Twitter today that Amazon Prime’s adaptation of the comic book by Garth Ennis will end with season 5. He states this was always his plan, but he didn’t have the go-ahead to announce it until now. Season 4 of The Boys�...

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