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REVIEW: “Crisis on Earth-X” DC/CW Crossover Miniseries

Last year’s big DC/CW crossover, “Invasion!” was a triumph, uniting the heroes of four comic book series for a massive adventure that was fun while furthering each of the show’s arcs (some more than others). It also managed to leave behind most of the shows’ individual weaknesses and, in s...

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REVIEW: Sweet Virginia (2017)

Sweet Virginia is an indie thriller starring Jon Bernthal, Christopher Abbott, and Imogen Poots. It centers around Sam (Bernthal), manager of the Sweet Virginia Hotel. After a horrific shooting takes place in his small town, he befriends a strange man who happens to be staying at his establishment, ...

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REVIEW: Star Wars Battlefront II (2017)

When EA and DICE put out 2015’s Star Wars Battlefront reboot, some were disappointed by the lack of a story-driven single-player mode, criticized its weak progression system and how its season pass DLC model separated the player base. I, personally, had a blast with the game. Up until that point, ...

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RETRO REVIEW: Rob Zombie’s Halloween II (2009)

Rob Zombie’s Halloween II (2009) is the sequel to Rob Zombie’s remake of the classic film, and follows Laurie Strode after the events of Halloween the year before. She’s in therapy, attempting to recover, and Michael is still out there waiting for Halloween to come back around so ...

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RETRO REVIEW: Rob Zombie’s Halloween (2007)

Rob Zombie’s Halloween (2007) is a remake of the classic slasher film directed by, of course, Rob Zombie. The film follows Michael Myers as a child, showing us how he became The Shape, as well as following the story of the first film. This is a movie I want to like more than I do. To …...

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RETRO REVIEW: Halloween: Resurrection (2002)

Halloween: Resurrection (2002) is directed by Rick Rosenthal and is the final film in the original Halloween franchise. It primarily follows a group of college students who are brought onto a web series to investigate the Myers house. Once inside, they discover it to not be as abandoned as they thou...

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