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REVIEW: The Flash – Season 5, Episode 17 “Time Bomb”

*SPOILERS* This week’s episode of The Flash, “Time Bomb,” is brought to you by a very angry young woman – Grace from the future, who has come back to the present timeline to kill the meta who killed her parents, as well as to convince her uncle Orlin to work with her. Thanks to the efforts ...

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REVIEW: Arrow – Season 7, Episode 16 “Star City 2040”

*Spoilers* Who’s ready for the Flash Forward timeline? I hope everyone is, because this week’s episode of Arrow, titled “Star City 2040,” takes place exclusively in the two-decades-forward time we’ve been getting brief glimpses of throughout the season. It sure took them long enough, but w...

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REVIEW: Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure Season 2, Episode 13 “The Eye of Pincosta”

*SPOILERS* In “The Eye of Pincosta,” Rapunzel and friends come upon the Hamlet of Pincosta, the next stop on their journey. Eugene doesn’t want to go there and reveals that it’s because he’s wanted in Pincosta. Rapunzel insists that they continue onward, saying that nobody will...

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REVIEW: The Flash – Season 5 Episode 16 “Failure is an Orphan”

*SPOILERS* “Failure is an Orphan” is all about legacy, something that the showrunners had initially divulged as the underlying theme for this season of The Flash. It is something that we’ve been wondering about given Nora’s presence in the present timeline, but “Failure is an Orphan” foc...

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REVIEW: Star Wars Resistance – Season 1, Episode 21 “No Escape, Part 2”

*SPOILERS* “No Escape, Part 2” opens where part 1 left off, with Kaz seeing his home planet destroyed. His entire family, all his friends from home, and the Galactic Senate are killed in the First Order’s attack. Torra pulls him away so they don’t get caught. They find Yeager and Cap...

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REVIEW: Arrow – Season 7 Episode 15 “Training Day”

It’s “Training Day” for our heroes this week on Arrow. The members of Team Arrow, now sanctioned by Mayor Pollard – albeit provisionally – are learning the ins and outs of how to do things the “right” way, according to the standard operating procedures of the law enforcement rule book....

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