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REVIEW: The Dragon Prince – Book One: Moon (2018)

Last Friday, a new animated series called The Dragon Prince hit Netflix. The series was developed for the streaming service by Aaron Ehasz, head writer and producer of the critically acclaimed series Avatar: The Last Airbender.  Avatar writer/director Giancarlo Volpe is also present as a director a...

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REVIEW: Big Hero 6: The Series – Season 1, Episode 19 “Big Problem”

“What’s past is prologue!” *Spoilers* “Big Problem” opens with Fred reading a comic book to Mini-Max. His mother urges him to get ready for dinner, but before he gets the chance, a monster breaks into his room, trashes the place, damages Mini-Max and leaves. Fred’s mom and butler...

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REVIEW: American Horror Story – Season 8, Episode 1 “The End”

American Horror Story is back, and it’s the end of the world! One thing I love about this show is that for me at least, its premieres signal the beginning of the Halloween season. The highly anticipated Apocalypse season begins with chaos as cities are blown up, sending everyone into a panicked at...

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REVIEW: Big Hero 6: The Series – Season 1, Episode 18 “Big Hero 7”

“Maybe we could call her Half-Voltage. Ooh, or Low Voltage!” *Spoilers* “Big Hero 7” opens with a rather silly fight sequence in which High Voltage steal a new battery Krei has developed, but not as a team. The mother-daughter duo are feuding, but they take both batteries he has and leave. I...

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REVIEW: Disenchantment – Season 1, Part 1

“I want to get rid of all the diseases plaguing mankind… and replace them with worse ones.” Matt Groening’s newest adult cartoon series, Disenchantment, has so far been receiving mixed reviews and garnering a lot of unfair comparisons to The Simpsons and Futurama. Personally, I f...

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REVIEW: Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure – Season 2, Episode 10 “Happiness Is…”

“Nobody laughs at my claim and gets away with it. Get ’em Cass!” *Spoilers* “Happiness Is…” begins in a flashback, with the tiny island leaf people fighting over a totem. In the present day, the islanders are having a party. Eugene notices that Rapunzel isn’t at the party, but ...

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