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REVIEW: Trust, Season 1, Episode 10 “Consequences”

*Spoilers* “Consequences” begins with a doctor telling the press that Paul III is in good health. As he did in “Lone Star,” Fletcher breaks the fourth wall and tells us that stories don’t just stop like in the movies. Martina apologizes to a bedridden Paul, who decides to take a walk w...

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REVIEW: Westworld, Season 2, Episode 6 “Phase Space”

“We each deserve to choose our fate. Even if that fate is death.” *Spoilers* “Phase Space” begins with something familiar: Bernard and Dolores discussing her potential and what choice he should make. However, this time it turns out to be Dolores testing Bernard rather than the reverse. Later...

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REVIEW: Lost in Space, Season 1, Episode 7 “Pressurized”

“My name’s not Smith, it’s June Harris.” *Spoilers* In “Pressurized,” Judy calls Dr. Smith and tells her she knows who she is, in spite of Don’s recommendation that she just wait and tell Maureen in person. Will reveals that the robot made him a gun, and that was the one An...

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REVIEW: Trust, Season 1, Episode 9 “White Car in a Snowstorm”

*Spoilers* “White Car in a Snowstorm” opens with Chase and Gail awaiting a phone call, and Chase reveals, to Gail’s shock, that he has a twelve-year-old son of his own. In a flashback, Primo’s family realize that the Gettys haven’t received the ear and that’s why they haven&#...

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REVIEW: Arrow Season 6 (2017-2018)

Arrow season 6 is like a Hot Pocket; parts are hot, parts are cold, and you alternately enjoy it and curse it for not cooking evenly. Certain elements of the new season are handled very well, with a character who’d lost her way of late acting like her old self again, another becoming a much &helli...

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REVIEW: Westworld, Season 2, Episode 5 “Akane no Mai”

*Spoilers* “Akane no Mai” opens with Karl Strand telling the Delos team to find and bring Peter Abernathy to him. One underling tells him that a third of the hosts they’ve analyzed don’t have any data to pull. In Shogun World, things don’t go Maeve’s way as she and her friend...

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