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People With Nothing Better To Do Want Funny Shirts BANNED From Disney World

It may be a small world after all, but hopefully, it wasn’t a small ride. In case you thought there was any fun left to be had at Disney theme parks, this couple, simply expressing their free speech, wore “I Gave Her The D” and “I Wanted The D” t-shirts to Disney World. No one …

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Geeks + Gamers Tuesday Night’s Main Event With Special Guest Bryson Gray

This week’s Tuesday Night’s Main Event on the Geeks + Gamers YouTube channel will feature the “Most censored rap artist in America,” Bryson Gray. Bryson had his “Let’s Go Brandon” music and lyric videos removed from YouTube for “medical misinformation....

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New Details in Alec Baldwin Shooting Emerge

Court records were released Sunday regarding the shooting death of Halyna Hutchins at the hands of Alec Baldwin on the set of Rust. The information begins to paint a more complete picture that isn’t very pretty. Cameraman Reid Russell, per the Associated Press, spoke to a detective investigatin...

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Bryson Gray’s Number 1 Song “Let’s Go Brandon” BANNED On YouTube For “Medical Misinformation”

Rapper Bryson Gray’s “Let’s Go Brandon” lyric and music videos were removed from YouTube and given a strike for “medical misinformation” relating to content in the video. YouTube initially removed the lyric video but kept the music video, according to Bryson Gray ...

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“Fake, Giant Pile of Garbage” YouTuber Vito Gesualdi Embroiled in Netflix Walkout Protest

While attending a protest at Netflix against Dave Chappelle’s latest comedy special, YouTuber Vito Gesualdi was embroiled in controversy as angry protesters turned physical. While the walkout involved mostly “activist protestors,” there were other Netflix employees protesting Netfl...

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Social Media Star Reveals How Much Data Smart Devices Collect From Everyday Life

Did you really expect anything else? A woman was shocked to find out that all of her Amazon smart devices kept records of her data. But she was even more shocked to find out how much was actually stored. Reply to @ladyisabellemae #privacy #fyp #foryoupage #amazon #alexa #datapriva...

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