Cobra Kai Season 6 Cast CS Lee

Cobra Kai’s sixth season will be its last, and the show is pulling out all the stops to make its finale feel epic. Deadline exclusively reports that CS Lee has signed on to portray Master Kim Sun-Young in the series’ final run. If you don’t recognize the name (and don’t feel bad; neither did I), Master Kim is the guy who created the Way of the Fist, the ruthless fighting style employed by the Cobra Kai dojo. He was also the sensei who taught John Kreese and Terry Silver, the show’s (and movies’) villains. Master Kim was thought to be dead, so it looks like his arrival will be a surprise to everyone; the character’s granddaughter, played by Alicia Hannah-Kim, was a major character in season 5. CS Lee is probably best known for Dexter, where he played the hilarious lab tech Vince Masuka; he’s also appeared on Chuck, True Detective, and lots of other TV shows.

I love that they’re bringing in Master Kim. It feels right that the ultimate villain is the guy who created the dark form of karate Cobra Kai uses. This is the head of the snake, the source of the evil philosophy that corrupted all of the show’s heroes at different points in their lives. And CS Lee is great; I loved him on Dexter, and while he wasn’t a likable character on Chuck, he was funny. I don’t see Master Kim being a laugh riot, so it’ll be cool to see Lee in a more serious role, and one that’s – presumably – more traditionally villainous than his role on Chuck. Will Master Kim be too evil even for Kreese, whose return was set up in the season 5 finale? Or could they pull a switcheroo and have Master Kim be mellowed in his old age, seeing the error of his ways and helping Daniel and Johnny stop Kreese? One of the things I love about Cobra Kai is that I never know where it will go; as always, I can’t wait to find out.

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