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Darksiders 3 First Impressions

After playing the majority of Darksiders and a little of Darksiders 2 (I’ve been meaning to get back to it for years now), I was pretty excited when I heard about the newest addition, Darksiders 3. This story’s main anti-hero, Fury, is sent out by the Charred Council to recover the Seven Deadly Sins. This entry takes place alongside Darksiders 2, during which Death is trying to clear War’s name after he is accused of starting the apocalypse. I haven’t gotten too far into the story yet, as I spent the first hour of play-time being killed over and over by the very first of the Seven I came across, which also happens to be about two minutes into the game. As of right now, my opinions on Darksiders 3 are rather bleak.

Darksiders 3, Envy

As a disclaimer, I am playing on “Story,” which is the easiest mode and should, theoretically, allow me to finish the game’s story in a timely manner. If this is Easy, I really don’t want to see “Apocalyptic,” the hardest of the four difficulty options. So far, I’ve finally managed to get past the first boss, which does appear extremely early on in the game and before you’ve had much of any instruction or means of getting comfortable with your moves or the controls overall. The reason I had so much difficulty getting past Envy was the infuriating glitch I kept running into over and over. Envy only has three main attacks, two of which you can dodge, and a third that WILL hit you and take away half your health bar; this attack is timed and avoidable if you don’t take too long in hitting your target. The problem is, there is a repetitive mechanic of jumping and swinging from platform to platform to engage the enemy, and if you misstep, you may as well call it a wash. I encountered this glitch in Darksiders 3 when I would reach the final platform – or should I say, hover in mid-air just short of the platform. The second I tried to move from this state of levitation, I would plummet and have to start my ascent all over again, costing me precious seconds that would inevitably lead to my death. This same glitch happened a minimum of ten times before I was finally able to reach the ACTUAL platform and finish off Envy. That actually happened this morning; I got so infuriated with meeting the same ridiculous demise the night before that I threw my controller down and rage-quit.

Now that I am beyond this first boss battle, I’ve been able to explore the world and learn more of its mechanics, and I’m still not entirely impressed. The battles can be fun, but the targeting mechanism is frustrating; you have to press and hold the left trigger to keep targeting an enemy, and even then it targets someone random. There were many times that I would finish off someone in my sights only to have my target switched to somewhere across the map; meanwhile, there’s a demon behind me just stabbing away at my exposed back. So far, I’m really not satisfied with this newest addition to a series I’ve largely enjoyed, but I’m holding out hope that it will get better the further in I go.

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