DC Series Strange Adventures Scrapped

Warner Bros. doesn’t want things to get too strange with their DC productions. The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that plans for Strange Adventures have been scrapped. Strange Adventures was to be an anthology series for HBO Max that would explore some of the lesser-known DC Comics characters. On his Hollywood Babble-On podcast this past Friday, Kevin Smith revealed that he was going to direct an episode involving Jimmy Olsen and Superman villain Bizarro (the latter of whom would have been played by almost-Superman Nicolas Cage if Smith had his druthers). However, unlike Batgirl and (probably) Supergirl, Strange Adventures was abandoned before the merger that formed Warner Bros. Discovery under David Zaslav, having only reached the scripting stage before being scuttled.

This is the first canceled DC project I’ve felt bad about recently. I like the idea of a series like this, and depending on the creatives involved with each episode, it could have been fun and interesting. When he mentioned the show on Hollywood Babble-On, Kevin Smith said that they were spending entirely too much money on it, and while he wishes he could have made it, he isn’t surprised that it isn’t happening. That this one didn’t even have to wait for Zaslav to cancel it is a testament to how big a monetary sinkhole it would have been. It would be nice if they could find a way to resurrect it – maybe with a more reasonable budget – but Zaslav has said he wants the DC stuff to be in theaters instead of going straight to streaming, and I don’t see them releasing an entire movie about Jimmy Olsen and Bizarro, for example. It’s a shame, but Strange Adventures will have to be relegated to our daydreams.

Would you have liked to see a Strange Adventures series? Which characters would you have wanted to be featured in different episodes? Can the inevitable Bat-Mite episode somehow be salvaged? Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned to Geeks + Gamers for whichever the next canceled DC project turns out to be!

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August 10, 2022 at 11:16 am

While this could have been an interesting show, I am glad it was tossed to the dumpster. Anything with Kevin Smith’s name attached to it is going to be hot woke garbage.

Pull in other, actual talented, writers and voice actors and run with a great idea like this. We would want it to be entertaining, and tell the unique story of those characters. We don’t want more identity politics rammed into these shows, which Kevin would have done as he always does now days.

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