Deadpool 3 Adds She-Hulk Writer Because Marvel Hates You

Ever hear something that drives you insane even though you probably should have expected it? That’s me today. Deadline ran an article announcing that Karan Soni and Leslie Uggams will return in Deadpool 3 as Deadpool’s sidekicks, Dopinder and Blind Al. That’s all well and good, but buried in the midst of that pleasing news is the revelation that Zeb Wells is on the movie’s writing team. Zeb Wells was a writer on She-Hulk – he wrote episode 7, the one about the self-help group Emil Blonsky now runs – and also wrote The Marvels, which is being delayed several months, almost certainly for reshoots following rumors of disastrous test screenings. Also on board for Deadpool 3 are Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, who wrote the previous Deadpool films; an earlier draft was written by Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Logelin, veterans of some TV shows and movies no one’s ever heard of and Bob’s Burgers. Shawn Levy will direct.

Let’s walk through what probably happened here. Marvel hired some cheapo writers to write Deadpool 3; Shawn Levy and Ryan Reynolds didn’t like it and got the guys who wrote the two successful movies people actually liked to return; and Feige muscled in a hack Marvel writer to balance out the good stuff with some patented Modern Marvel garbage. This feels like a petty power move, an attempt by Feige and Disney to put their stamp on the new Deadpool movie. “This one is ours!” Yeah, and it’ll probably be the worst one by a mile because of it. Can you imagine the nerve it takes to put one of the people responsible for She-Hulk onto a movie people are excited to see? There’s no possible way anyone thinks this will make Deadpool 3 better. But this is an example of how arrogant Feige and the Marvel folks are now; they’re so sure they can’t lose that they’re forcing awful crap nobody wants into the movie just because they can. Deadpool 3 is pretty much the only Marvel film anyone is looking forward to right now, with two popular versions of beloved characters returning; despite Phase 4 – and, so far, Phase 5 – crashing and burning, they think this movie can’t lose. As with Daredevil: Born Again, they’ve had a desperately-needed win gift-wrapped for them; all they have to do is let the people who built it make another one. But they just can’t help themselves. Hopefully, Reese and Wernick can balance out, if not drown out, Zeb Wells, and Deadpool 3 will be great. But I can see Feige forcing Wells’ garbage on them, maybe even in the middle of reshoots for The Marvels. We were so close.

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