Deadpool’s Drew Crevello Showrunning D&D At Paramount+

A few days ago, a Deadline exclusive revealed that Drew Crevello is running the Dungeons and Dragons show brewing at Paramount+. Crevello is known for his work on films like Deadpool and X-Men: First Class. The show was reported as being in development a while back, independently of the theatrical Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves

I’m not an expert on Crevello, but I haven’t disliked anything of his that I’ve seen. I’m naturally skeptical of a D&D TV show by virtue of most adaptations of the game being questionable. However, I have Paramount+ anyway in anticipation of the upcoming Avatar content, and I loved Honor Among Thieves. So I will give this show a chance, at least at first. 

But what do you think? Drop us a line below!

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