Disney and Marvel Edit Wandavision Months After Its Release

Disney and Marvel’s WandaVision series has been available to watch for several months now, and a Twitter post by yelenabelova_ revealed the company had made some alterations to the final scene of the show. 

As you can see in the tweet above, the top image is from the day of release, and the bottom image is from a couple of days ago. The bottom image shows a different landscape than was originally aired. More trees can be seen highlighted in the green circles, as well as the distance between the trees and the mountain in the top left background. 

Another editing conundrum arose when a video posted by Lunwii88 appeared to show an image that looked potentially like an edited-out Doctor Strange, or so they claimed. 

The video wasn’t sufficient evidence for myself, with a shaky hand-held camera focused on the screen. I screen-recorded the scene, as I knew Doctor Strange was written out of the show for being too white, and there was potential this scene was a poorly edited attempt by Marvel to remove Doctor Strange.

However, a Reddit post by u/Cinephobe shows how Marvel and Disney poorly edited this by trying to correct a lighting issue in the scene. 

I discovered what that “thing” was in the new after credits scene in WandaVision from marvelstudios

The bigger issue here is what people have been discussing since streaming services began taking prominence. How can we be sure that a company won’t edit or change a scene, or entire movie, for that matter? Would they do this to improve a scene or when something becomes “culturally outdated” or offensive to the times?

This is dangerous, as we know Disney has already changed or edited scenes in previous classics like Splash, as seen below. 


In this case of WandaVision, though, Doctor Strange wasn’t edited out; it was just missed by Marvel’s editors who were re-editing an already-finished product. 

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