Disney Has A Problem With White People

Particularly White Men

“At some point there’s going to be a lawsuit.”

With all of the recent backlash that Lucasfilm’s The Acolyte has received, lots of people on the internet are placing all of the blame on Dave Filoni and Kathleen Kennedy. I haven’t heard anyone talk about any other Disney executives being at fault for how awful The Acolyte is, or any other recent Star Wars projects, for that matter.

O’Keefe Media Group, which is known for undercover-style journalism, released a video today of a Disney executive, Michael Giordano, Senior Vice President and Team Lead of Business Affairs, discussing inside business practices, as well as how prominent diversity really is at Disney. The insights revealed confirm that meritocracy is no longer a priority to them, if even a thought anymore, which has become extremely reflexive of the content they produce and vice versa.

The video was recorded without Giordano’s knowledge while at a restaurant, where he appears to be on a date. Giordano and an unidentified female are talking about diversity practices at Disney. This wasn’t an interview; it was a date. I know because I’ve been on dates before (just yesterday, actually). Their conversation comes off as any other two people on a date. He’s talking about his job; the woman is obviously interested in his answers and doesn’t challenge him with any of her responses. Most people have social skills and can tell when they should stop talking about something. This is not the case here at all. None of his answers are defensive or combative. It all comes off as a “getting to know someone” type of conversation. Nothing she does informs Giordano that maybe he should shut up.

“There’s no way we’re hiring a white male for this role.”

In the video, Giordano states numerous times how Disney feels about hiring white people, particularly white men, and the lack of it. He makes it pretty clear that white people aren’t what’s hot at Disney – more like the opposite. He even talks about how he didn’t get an internal job posting only because “They’re not considering any white males for this job,” according to his friends in human resources. I can’t tell if he’s all about the DEI practices surrounding his career or if he’s upset (at all) about his predicament. He continues to state what Disney thinks about it, but not how he feels or being passed on a job because of the color of his skin – which is ironic considering most of the top executives at Disney are white. He also talks about how someone who was half black didn’t land a specific job because their skin color wasn’t dark (black) enough. It can’t be a far reach to assume that more than two people didn’t get a job at Disney only because of their skin color, and it’s really sad that this is where we are today.

“A relatively large percentage of our top writer creators happen to be gay… And so a lot of them lean into trans stories more than the average straight writer would.”

Obscuring reality to normalize their oppressive Identity Olympics seems to be the name of the game at Disney. Giordano states how many of the writers are gay and are more likely to write stories representative of transgender experiences because everyone knows that gay people know exactly how transgender people feel. How those two points converge is beyond me, but that’s probably why I don’t write for Disney. I probably shouldn’t harp on that too much, considering Disney must have at least thirty sensitivity readers to make sure they’re only offending straight men, who are also (hopefully) white.

I’m sure I’ve heard at least twenty people ask, “How has Kathleen Kennedy not been fired?” or something along those lines. I don’t think she’s the problem. Yes, I think she’s part of the problem. She’s definitely the head of the problem. I think everyone at Disney who has any power or say wants the same thing. They’re ALL the problem. They all think they’re socially enlightened and need to shape the culture. They believe they’re doing a good thing, teaching everyone how they should think and see the world. All of the people at Disney (who make the decisions) are definitely virtuous progressives who all think the same and have the same societal beliefs. Obviously, they’re more interested in their message than the quality of the storytelling.

“I think there’s certainly a belief that it’s just good for society.”

Their message is and will continue to keep biting them in the ass. Their message discriminates against white people, particularly white men – and not just white men but all men. We keep seeing video games, shows, and movies that have incompetent men and strong women. Not one or the other; it’s always both. When it comes to creatively mixing things up, they keep falling flat on the same outcome: weak men, strong women. This is not exclusively something Disney does, but there’s no more denying it once you see it for yourself.

This is an intellectual catastrophe. Some people already believe they can’t be racist against white people or that black people can’t be racist. That alone is going to get people killed. These messages have enormous potential to cause serious societal harms, and Disney thinks all of this is good for society. Not just on a racial level, either – transgender people already have a high suicide rate. Why would you want to promote something that could lead to more of that? Why would you want to promote something that will inevitably divide people, and already has? Trying to shape society to your liking is not only narcissistic; it’s also extremely dangerous, and these people either have no clue of the ramifications, or they’re doing it on purpose. For the sake of my sanity, I’m going with the former (for now).

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June 20, 2024 at 7:09 pm

Very good writing here.
Abusers, groomers and perverts are in these positions now. The Diddy situation I think is nothing compared to what these people are involved in.
So much for the “CoExisT” bumper sticker sentiment. It was a ruse from day one. A hoax. Once they got the upper hand, you see what has happened.
We are about 10 years out, tops. Maybe one more generation before the “fundamental transformation of America” is complete.

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