Disney In The Dumps: Weekly Recap – April 17

You know, the thing! Let’s recap all important Disney stupidity since April seventeenth.

New Ride Immediately Breaks Down

A new ride opened up at Disney… and, much like everything else Disney these days, it immediately broke down.

DeSantis Dumps Disney

Florida’s State Senate has decided to repeal the Reedy Creek Improvement District from the late 1960s. It allowed Disney to have their own government in central Florida. Listen below!

Breakup Reactions

The reaction to DeSantis nuking Disney? Priceless.

Disney World is about twice as big as Manhattan… but sure, let’s just up and move it all!

Johnny Depp vs. Disney

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s lawsuit is well on its way, and Depp even spoke about Disney! Depp got the Gina Carano treatment… they didn’t even give him the courtesy of letting him know.  They still use him in the theme parks and merchandise, but he will not be a part of the sixth installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, even if they ask him. Have a listen below!

What do you think of all these events? Leave us a comment below!

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