Disney, Pixar Announce Sequels in Production

Yesterday, Disney CEO Bob Iger announced on a Q1 earnings call that Disney and Pixar are working on sequels to ZootopiaFrozen, and Toy Story. This news follows reports of Disney enacting cost-cutting measures, including but not limited to layoffs. Check out Iger’s statement below:

“Today I’m so pleased to announce that we have sequels in the works from our animation studios to some of our most popular franchises, Toy Story, Frozen and Zootopia,” Iger said. “We’ll have more to share about these productions soon, but this is a great example of how we’re leaning into our unrivaled brands and franchises.”

I’m torn. I’m excited about another Frozen movie; the second definitely left open the possibility for more stories, and I liked it more than the first. I also think Zootopia has potential for a franchise; see the Zootopia+  shorts. They don’t exactly expand our understanding of the world, but they’re fun explorations of the film’s side characters. 

Toy Story Frozen Sequels

However, I can’t pretend I think another Toy Story film is a good idea. Toy Story 2 should have been the end of this one. Toy Story 3 seems to be most people’s favorite, but I found it too sappy and manipulative. The less I say about Toy Story 4, the better. Speaking of that film, though, it split the toys up at the end! Woody left his friends to be with Bo Peep. How can you do another sequel after that? What are they going to do? It’s obvious this is a cash grab after both studios’ original film releases have suffered of late. Although it’s hard to tell with Pixar; only Lightyear, a Toy Story offshoot, was released to cinemas. 

But what do you think? Tell us in the comments below!

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February 8, 2023 at 9:25 pm

This announcement left me speechless. I’m excited to see more of the world of Zootopia and hope to see if there are other animals like birds and reptiles that have their own setting.

I’ve hoped for Frozen 3 and while I’m excited, can’t help but feel nervous. Frozen had inspired me big time during its theatrical run about enjoying life and I don’t watch it much because of the emotional connection I have over the characters even Elsa, except for Hans haha. Yes, there are times I wonder if things went differently, but I hoped it wouldn’t be an issue for Frozen 2 which unfortunately could’ve done things better and left a sense of unsureness as it ended. I still keep wondering why though. I don’t hate it, but like I said, wish it could’ve been better.

I’m not sure what to think of Toy Story 5, but we’ll see when we learn more. I’m sorry, but I enjoyed Toy Story 4 more than Frozen 2 and the third movie. I felt like this was a satisfying conclusion for Woody’s character arc over the last few movies and that handled the issues better.

    February 9, 2023 at 12:25 pm

    No need to be sorry! I really didn’t like 4, especially its themes and ending. I feel like it’s a refutation of Toy Story 2 and a strange direction to take the series. Meanwhile, I loved Frozen II’s soundtrack and handling of Elsa’s character. Different strokes for different folks. :)

February 9, 2023 at 5:08 pm

Heh and I thought Toy Story 3 reused the last sequel’s themes, but I wasn’t big on the other toys not believing Woody again like they did in the first movie. And hey, I enjoyed Frozen 2’s soundtrack, maybe I just don’t love all of the songs as much as in the first movie and shorts. It’s just weird that we had three movies that end with friends separating, but I wish more time was spent in Frozen 2 in which we can better understand some of the situations like we don’t really get much of that Arendelle was antagonistic towards the Northuldra and we don’t know how the fight started even when they didn’t know that the chief was killed by Runeard. Maybe he lied about being attacked and that’s what happened.

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