Doctor Who “Whoniverse” Confirmed

Rumors have abounded over the last several months about potential Doctor Who spin-offs, including a Torchwood revival and a River Song show, as well as villain spin-offs about Daleks, Cybermen, Sontarans, and Weeping Angels. While none of these individual spin-offs have been confirmed, the existence of a “Whoniverse” that contains more shows than just the main Doctor Who show has been confirmed by the official Bad Wolf Productions Twitter, the company responsible for the show’s production going forward.

For a show in such a precarious position, with some of the lowest viewership in its history, perhaps this announcement is a tad premature. Even if the upcoming 60th-anniversary specials with David Tennant are able to resurrect the love the fanbase had for Doctor Who, it will take some time before fans are willing to try out potential spin-offs. Much like the production of previous Doctor Who spin-offs Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures, a minimum of two successful seasons of the main show should be released before such a risky move is undertaken. Russell T. Davies, Bad Wolf, the BBC, and Disney must first prove that they’re capable of simply making good Doctor Who once again before the fanbase will give them the time of day with a spin-off. The rampant popularity of multiverses, spin-offs, and cinematic universes may not be right for Doctor Who. Universal’s failed Darkverse proved that getting ahead of yourself with such grandiose plans can lead to dire consequences.

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