Doctor Who’s Bernard Cribbins Dies at 93

One may tolerate a world of demons for the sake of an angel.” The world has just lost one of those angels, a good man with a pure heart. The British actor Bernard Cribbins, who played one of the greatest and most emotionally compelling Doctor Who companions, has passed away, leaving the world a little less bright. Details surrounding his passing are scarce, with no cause or time of death released to the public, but his loss will be felt the world round.

Bernard Cribbins

Born December 29th, 1928, Cribbins soon grew into an acting prodigy, delivering his first performance on stage at Oldham Rep at 14 years old. The following decades were filled with countless theatrical, cinematic, and televised performances and numerous awards, quickly cementing him in the hearts of British fans. Cribbins found worldwide recognition upon appearing in the sci-fi TV series Doctor Who as Wilfred Mott. Mott was a wise old man who taught the ageless Doctor a thing or two about humanity. As The Doctor once called Wilfred a “giant,” so too was Cribbins a giant. A giant in acting and a giant amongst men.

Cribbins’s co-stars, family, acquaintances, and those who merely knew him through the screen have taken to social media to say their goodbyes. Not one person had bad blood or harsh words for this soft-spoken, kindhearted man who has impacted generations with this positivity and soul. He will be endlessly missed, as we may never see his like again.

Though these words were first meant for The Doctor, this simple quote from Wilfred comes now from the fans to bid Bernard Cribbins adieu and goodnight:

Every night . . . when it gets dark, and the stars come out . . . I’ll look up at the sky, and think of you.

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