DreamWorks Animation Lays Off 70 Employees

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that DreamWorks Animation underwent mass layoffs, eliminating 70 positions from its ranks. Unsurprisingly, this comes as part of an initiative to cut costs. DWA is having a rough time following the underperformance of Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kracken earlier this year. The studio’s next major release is Trolls Band Together, which hits theaters on November 17, five days before Disney’s animated feature Wish, which will certainly cut into its box office take.

“DreamWorks Animation reduced its workforce by approximately 70 positions,” a spokesperson told THR. “Roles affected were across corporate functions, feature, television and technology departments as part of an overall cost reduction.”

I love some of DreamWorks’ films, and I hate others, but it’s always unfortunate to hear about job losses. I hope these people find gainful employment with a studio that appreciates them.

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