Elemental Pay-Off Trailer Sizzles

Today, Disney/Pixar released another trailer for Elemental. This clip shows more of the main character’s day-to-day life and interactions between Ember and Wade. Check it out here:

Several character posters have also been released:

Elemental Pay-Off Elemental Pay-Off Elemental Pay-Off Elemental Pay-Off

It’s hard to put my finger on it, but something about this film isn’t clicking for me. It reminds me of Zootopia, with the big city based on different groups coexisting. However, that was clever, whereas this just seems silly to me. This trailer does help because now we know more about the two leads and not just the city. It’s also possible this movie will be awesome; trailers often fail to capture the feel of a whole film. But right now, I don’t feel excited about this one. 

But what do you think about Elemental, this trailer, or anything else? Drop us a comment below!

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