Elon Musk Owns Twitter, Stock in Blue-Check Tears Skyrockets

The deal is done; Elon Musk now officially owns Twitter. To reaffirm his intentions with the social media platform, he tweeted this yesterday, the first day of his reign:

In a message to advertisers, Musk gave some details on his vision for Twitter’s speech codes and ad experience, which include “adhering to the laws of the land” and tailoring ads to specific users’ wants and needs.

It sounds like he would mostly seek moderation against outright abuse or things like that rather than disagreeing with CNN about the weather or something else bannable as of a day or two ago. To that end, he tweeted about how the reinstatement of previously banned users will go:

Who will make up that council is a mystery, but Musk probably won’t be looking internally because he’s taking a machete to the previous regime, already firing the CEO, CFO, and policy chief, among numerous other employees. The irony is that, now that we’re all free to say “Learn to code” on Twitter to people who richly deserve it, the people getting fired already know how.

To lighten the mood, Musk is also calling himself “Chief Twit” in his bio, which I interpret as a signal that he wants people to have fun on Twitter. He also made a couple of grin-inducing tweets:

As you can imagine, the people who benefitted from Twitter’s skewed censoring practices aren’t happy. Democracy is about to fall because people can publicly disagree with them. And there are the ones throwing their usual temper tantrum and threatening to leave Twitter. Here are a few of the most notable bozos; I’d include their tweets, but they’re mostly either deleted or from deleted accounts that have since been reactivated. Here a couple that are still up as of this writing (as are their accounts, of course):

These are the same people who threaten to leave the country every time a Republican wins the presidency; unfortunately for the nation, they never follow through on it. Then, there are those who insist they’re forming a resistance and staying till Musk kicks them out:

Of course, these people know they’re in no danger of being removed, and no one is calling for them to get ousted, as they do to others on a seemingly hourly basis. (If they were in danger, they’d clamp their mouths shut so fast they’d need caps for their teeth.) But they need to look like victims because there are no actual victims.

Oh, and remember when Elon Musk said Twitter was “the de facto town square,” and the censors argued it was a private company that could do whatever its owners wanted? Look who’s changing their tune:

Shoe doesn’t fit so well when it’s on the other foot, huh, sparky?

In the meantime, we can take Elon Musk’s cue and have some fun. Say what you want, post some fun memes, and laugh at the pouting bullies like the heroes of an 80s comedy. As Musk said, the bird is freed.

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