Empire Reveals New Ahsoka Image

Empire magazine has released an image ahead of its upcoming Ahsoka-themed issue. It shows a cloaked Ahsoka looking pensive, with Sabine Wren in the background. There are also interview snippets like this one from actress Natasha Liu Bordizzo:

“‘She feels an obligation to him,’ says Natasha Liu Bordizzo, who plays Sabine. ‘When they freed Lothal, she was given this hero status. But she doesn’t feel that she’s earned that because she lost her friend in that whole debacle. She’s just focused on the promise she made to him to find him.'”

And showrunner and creator Dave Filoni:

“Even at the time I did the Rebels epilogue, I felt like, ‘If I go forward with this, this has to be challenging in another way. And the challenge was going to be live-action. I wanted to resolve these things with [Ahsoka], but I wanted to do something new with it.”

Empire Ahsoka

The photo doesn’t reveal much, and I think we all knew Sabine feels indebted to Ezra. They’re also friends, so I never questioned why she would want to find him. I’m sure the full issue/interviews will reveal more, and I’m not upset with hints of secrecy; there just isn’t much here. 

But what do you think? Sound off in the comments!

Thanks again to Empire for the image.

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