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Disney Submits Gina Carano For Mandalorian Emmy After Firing Her

Disney and Lucasfilm have submitted MMA fighter turned actress Gina Carano for a supporting actress Emmy Award for her role in The Mandalorian. Twitter user Price of Reason posted an image of the Emmy consideration list from Lucasfilm and Disney with Gina Carano’s name circled, as seen below: ...

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Netflix Releases Castlevania Season 4 Pics Ahead of Premiere

Yesterday, Netflix released a set of photos from season 4 of Castlevania to tease its release next week. These gorgeous shots come following the news that the series will conclude with season 4 on May 13th, with a possible spin-off to follow. The stills depict the show’s central characters in dram...

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Doctor Strange Was Too White and Too Powerful For WandaVision Appearance

Marvel Studio’s head Kevin Feige revealed in Rolling Stone’s upcoming oral history of WandaVision that a Doctor Strange appearance was cut due to the character’s race and power.  “Some people might say, ‘Oh, it would’ve been so cool to see Dr. Strange,'” ...

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Castlevania Season 4 Trailer Rises From the Grave

On Thursday, April 29th, Netflix released a trailer for Castlevania season 4. This comes after the announcement that season 4 will end the series and that a spin-off may be on the way. The trailer finds Sypha and Trevor learning that they must prevent the resurrection of Dracula. Meanwhile, Alucard ...

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Dexter Teaser Comes in From the Cold

Showtime sees sheets of plastic in our future, as the premium network has released a teaser for the Dexter revival. Based on the novels by Jeff Lindsay, Dexter centered on Michael C. Hall’s Dexter Morgan, a Miami PD blood spatter expert who moonlighted as a serial killer who made other killers his...

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Matt Lanter’s Anakin Skywalker Will Be Back

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly for Jupiter’s Legacy, Matt Lanter let slip that his version of Anakin Skywalker will appear in Star Wars animation again. This comes after confirmation that Hayden Christensen’s iteration of the character will show up in the upcoming Disney+ Obi-Wan Keno...

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