Extraction 2 Teaser Kills You With a Gardening Tool

Bad guys better get their bones reinforced with steel because Netflix has released an Extraction 2 teaser. While it reveals nothing about the plot, as it consists solely of footage from the first movie, the Extraction 2 teaser does assure us of one thing: this is no prequel. The quotes from the previous film about not letting yourself stay “submerged” and the hashtag #RAKELIVES indicate that this is a full-on sequel, despite what looked like a definitive end for the main character, Tyler Rake (perfect action hero name, by the way). 2000’s Extraction was directed by Sam Hargraves with a script from Joe Russo and featured Chris Hemsworth as Rake, a grieving mercenary hired to rescue an Indian gangster’s son from a rival holding him hostage. After a double-cross, Rake and the boy go on the run in Bangladesh, pursued by the villain’s army and the boy’s former bodyguard. Many broken bones and legendary deaths ensue. Extraction 2 has no release date yet, just an assurance that it’s coming soon. Check out the Extraction 2 teaser below:

That’s one way to kick off your weekend. I’m more excited to see Chris Hemsworth return as Tyler Rake than Thor (partly because Tyler Rake probably won’t lose his mercenary abilities and have his ex-girlfriend take over for him, after which she’ll be called Tyler Rake because his name is just a title). Extraction was a fantastic action movie, expertly filmed by former stunt coordinator Hargraves in his first feature directorial debut. (Hargraves, Chad Stahleski, David Leitch – maybe Hollywood should keep letting people with stunt experience direct action movies and cool it on the film snobs who just throw a camcorder across the room because they don’t know how to shoot a fight.) Chris Hemsworth makes for a superb action star; his physicality perfectly matches his size, and he’s got charisma to burn. As much as I enjoy seeing him play Thor, I’m glad he’s doing other things because I think he has the makings of a legit movie star. The one thing I didn’t like about Extraction was the ending; it completely killed the momentum of a very propulsive movie. If Rake died, his character arc was discarded to inject the film with phony gravitas; if he lived, the hero was sidelined instead of finishing the story. And the villain was relegated to one of those “I guess somebody shot him or something, I don’t know” tag-ons at the end that are immensely unsatisfying. I’m glad he’s alive because that’s easily the better of two bad options – his arc now remains intact, even if it wasn’t paid off properly – and I didn’t want to see some stakeless prequel. Suggested tagline: “When evil clutters your yard… grab a Rake!”

What did you think of the Extraction 2 teaser? Would you have preferred a prequel? How long do we have to pretend we’re above fantasizing about Tyler Rake/John Wick team-up movies? Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned to Geeks + Gamers for more movie news!

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