Fantastic Beasts and Where Can I Find the Answers

We know that, in 1927, Queenie joins Gellert Grindelwald because she believes he can help her marry Jacob. She later finds out Grindelwald wants to wipe out all muggles and is horrified with her decision. Queenie wants to leave his cause and does her best to keep Jacob out of harm’s way when he is around her during the events of Secret of Dumbledore. In this film, we first see Jacob still mourning Queenie’s betrayal as though it was yesterday when it was five years later! At the end of the film, Jacob and Queenie get married. Since the law wasn’t repealed, how is this possible? The entire point of Queenie joining and leaving Jacob was to marry in public and not have to do so illegally. Further explanations are needed!

Dumbledore’s Secrets


Whatever happened to Nagini? Where is she? She was abandoned by Credence after he joined Grindelwald, and we last saw her at Hogwarts at the end of the second movie. There is absolutely no mention of her in this film. Will she return?

Theseus Scamander And Leta Lestrange

Not Woke

The fact that we have to state if a film was woke or not in today’s day and age is sad, but that’s the reality! I don’t think this movie was woke at all for various reasons. First, yes, the new leader elected during the 1932 International Confederation of Wizards is a woman, but she just so happens to be a woman. She did not state anything about being oppressed or being a feminist or how men are bad. She happened to be the best person of the three in the election and had the purest heart. Not to mention Albus Dumbledore declined the role first.
Fantastic Beasts questions
Second, they didn’t dumb down any of the guys to show how amazing the women were. All the men held their own. Theseus is my absolute favorite and was a total baddie, taking down Grindelwald’s followers alongside and equally matched with Lally.

Supporting Characters

Newcomer Eulalie “Lally” Hicks was a breath of fresh air, and I really enjoyed watching her. I thought she was charming. Get it? Because she’s a charms professor! She really hits it off with Theseus, and they work together.

Bunty, who we saw for a few minutes in The Crimes of Grindelwald, shines in this film, as she is Newt’s assistant and the one who carries the Qilin creature in her suitcase. She’s fun and obviously likes Newt, but acknowledges that he loves Tina.

Yusuf was always confusing to me, even in the second film. Was he good? Was he bad? He was always so stoic and quiet. But in the end, he played his part, and it seems his memory of his half-sister being murdered by Grindelwald is erased by Grindelwald himself! Will anyone restore his memory?

Helmut is the German wizard who seems to be on Grindelwald’s side. Not much is known of him, and he doesn’t really shine in this film.

Fantastic Beasts questions

Tina was hardly in The Secrets of Dumbledore, and her excuse was that she was “very busy” being the head of the American Auror Department. To be fair, she wasn’t really missed, as she kind of has no personality. We see her in two scenes, and in one, she doesn’t even talk! Why was she omitted from this film? Was the actress busy and had a scheduling conflict since this movie was delayed? It just felt like lazy writing, and I thought she would have been involved in some secret side quest. Will her absence be discussed in the next film?

I’m also still waiting for an explanation on how Minerva McGonagall is already a teacher at Hogwarts.

Dumbledore And Gellert

The opening scene saw Grindelwald and Dumbledore meeting in a restaurant, except it is like another dimension, like looking into a mirror. It just doesn’t make much sense, and then, all of a sudden, he is in his office at Hogwarts. So was the meeting in, like, a dream-like sequence? Neither had left the houses and they magically appeared in a restaurant? It needs to be explained more! I believe the original screenplay will come in handy and answer my questions.

This happens again with Credence and Albus. Albus obviously wins the duel against Credence.  He tells Credence that he didn’t know he existed, that Grindelwald is lying to him. Then uses his deluminator to bring the lights back, and they both go back to reality, where Credence finds himself lying in a puddle.

Fantastic Beasts questions

Dumbledore and Gellert feeling each other’s heartbeats and deciding to walk away from each other was interesting. They can duel each other with no problem now that the pact was broken. Again, they were, like, in another dimension whilst everyone was standing around. What were they doing? Could they see the duel? Gellert and Albus go back into the “real reality,” and everyone’s still standing around.

Props to both Jude Law and Mads Mikkelsen, who replaced Johnny Depp; they did a phenomenal job!

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