First Captain Marvel Trailer Debuts

After a false start a couple of weeks ago, Marvel Studios has finally unveiled the first Captain Marvel trailer! The first MCU film of 2019, Captain Marvel stars Oscar winner Brie Larson as Carol Danvers, and Air Force pilot who takes on the titular mantle when an explosion fuses her DNA with that of the original Captain Marvel (or however it happens in the movie; presumably she won’t go through the several name changes from the comics, which makes sense for a two-hour film). Samuel L. Jackson and Clark Gregg will return – and be digitally de-aged – as Nick Fury and Phil Coulson of SHIELD, with Jude Law, Ben Mendelsohn, Lashana Lynch and Gemma Chan making their Marvel debuts, and Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck directing. Check out the Captain Marvel trailer below…

It looks pretty cool. The opening Blockbuster gag made me laugh (and feel about a hundred years old), and it’s also a great way to establish the time period. The de-aging on Samuel L. Jackson looks outstanding, as we’ve come to expect from Marvel; it’s hard to tell with Clark Gregg because there’s only a quick glimpse of him, but I’m sure it’s great too. I like all the talk about war and soldiers; if they’re doing the Kree/Skrull War in Captain Marvel, which I think we can be all but certain they are, going with that angle is a smart move and will give the story some direction. It also sets Carol up as a successor to Captain America, which Marvel has hinted they want to do in Phase 4. (There’s even some invoking of Coulson’s admiration for Cap in the way Nick Fury talks about her.) The Kree look terrific, way better than anything we’ve seen in the MCU so far, and while the Captain Marvel trailer doesn’t have a very close look at the Skrulls, I’m fine waiting for the movie to see them in action. In that vein, though, I think my favorite shot is when Carol punches the old lady on the train; this indicates they’ll be showcasing the Skrulls’ shape-shifting abilities, which should make for some fun, suspenseful sequences (unless Carol just really wanted that seat). But the most important thing is Carol herself, and Brie Larson in the role, and she looks… fine. It’s hard to tell from one trailer, but she doesn’t seem to be as much fun as the other heroes. Obviously Tony Stark, Peter Parker and Peter Quill are very far to one end of the humor spectrum, but even more stoic characters like Steve Rogers and T’Challa are light and funny on occasion. (And before the knives come out, this isn’t a man/woman thing either; Black Widow is very funny, and Hope van Dyne is having a ball in Ant-Man and the Wasp.) This is very likely just because of the tone they’re creating in the Captain Marvel trailer, though; having her be all business jibes with the war theme and setting her up as a soldier. But I hope they follow the Marvel tradition and have her be light and fun in the movie too. All in all, so far so good!

What did you think of the Captain Marvel trailer? Are you impressed with the cumulative minute or so you’ve seen of Brie Larson in the role? Are you hoping Marvel is somehow able to bring back Blockbuster? Let us know in the comments and check back with Geeks + Gamers for lots more movie news and reviews!

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