Fortnite Update v21.51 Details

Fortnite just had another shut-down-servers update with only ten days left in the season. This update didn’t include any changes to the map but did add a Fire with Fire week. According to the articles in the tweet, this update was to improve settings.

The Fire with Fire week will be like the other week-long challenges in that there will be special loot and things that will get you XP. It will last from 9:00 AM Eastern on September 7th until 9:00 AM Eastern on September 13th. The unvaulted loot for this week includes the Primal Flame Bow and Dragon’s Breath Shotgun; these will be found on the ground and in chests, with arrows being on the ground and in ammo chests. There will also be a higher availability of firefly jars on the ground. To fight the fire, not only will you be able to buy chug cannons, but they’ll also be found as ground loot. As a note to anyone interested in Competitive, these changes will not be reflected there.

They updated the purchasing and cancellation in the Shop; you now have to hold Down to purchase everything in the Shop. They have kept the cancel purchase and refund ticket options, though they have updated that feature as well; if you purchased with v-bucks, you now have 24 hours or until you first equip the item during gameplay, whichever comes first. Also, when you first equip something in this window, you will get a policy reminder. When asked if you want to save a new payment method, you will now receive a yes/no option instead of the old checkbox method. They’ve also updated the Chargeback Policy to better handle non-fraud situations. Check out their cancellation and return page for more info.

Fortnite also included updates to social settings and parental controls. There are additional options for voice chat privacy, and in parental controls, you can limit which of those settings your child will be able to access. They’ve moved up Parental Control settings to the main Lobby menu and have enabled a pin option on friend requests. If you’re under 18, you’ll see some settings default to the highest privacy level now, and under 16 will have the mature language filter automatically turned on. There will be alerts about what settings got changed if you’re affected, but you’ll be able to change them back as long as it doesn’t go against how the Parental Controls have been set.

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