Gal Gadot Says She’s Still Wonder Woman

The emerging DCU may have one familiar face. In an exclusive discussion with (before the actors’ strike began, lest the torches and pitchforks shift from Stephen Amell to her), Gal Gadot said that she’s heard from James Gunn and Peter Safran that she will be developing a new Wonder Woman movie with them.

“I love portraying Wonder Woman… It’s so close to and dear to my heart. From what I heard from James and from Peter is that we’re gonna develop a Wonder Woman 3 together.”

Gadot has alluded to returning to the role in the past. This also fits with comments Gunn has made on Twitter about meeting with Gadot while putting the DCU together:

On most things, it’s best to wait for confirmation from Gunn, as he’s said there’s a lot of fake news going around about the DC movies. But in this case, Gadot is saying she’s been told this directly by Gunn and Safran; it’s hard to lie about that. The only way I can see this being untrue is if there was a misunderstanding, like they gave her one of those “Hey, maybe somewhere down the road” bullshit lines as they did to Henry Cavill and the Rock, who won’t be coming back. But this sounds legit. What I wonder (yep) more about is whether this will really be Wonder Woman 3, a sequel to Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman 1984, or if it will be a reboot of sorts with Gadot in the role. I’m trying to be optimistic about the DCU, and I do like some of the things Gunn and Safran are doing, but I can see this being a hard sell for the general public. There’s a new Superman, a new Batman, but the same Wonder Woman? So, is it a continuation or not? Is Gadot’s Wonder Woman going to be an Elseworlds thing while they cast a new one for the main continuity? Super fans who pay a lot of attention, like the folks reading this site, will probably be okay once Gunn explains what’s going on, but John Q Public is going to be lost. It’s a shame, but after being inundated with lousy superhero movies, people may take one look at how confusing all this is and decide not to bother. I don’t like to predict much, but in this case, I think word of mouth will be crucial to the DCU, especially at first (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, at least for the viewer; Thor Skywalker made a great video about how Marvel was better when they had to earn their audience). Aside from that, I like Gal Gadot very much as Wonder Woman, and I’m glad her non-cameo swan song won’t be the awful Wonder Woman 1984.

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