Gargoyles Comics Coming From Greg Weisman and Dynamite Entertainment

Disney’s Gargoyles will live again, courtesy of Dynamite Entertainment and the show’s original creator, Greg Weisman. The publisher has new graphic novels and periodical comics on the way and will also reprint previous issues and trade paperbacks from the Marvel run. The new stories will serve as a new “season” of the cult classic Disney show with input from Weisman. 

Gargoyles Comics

This is awesome news! I hope this means they’ll be reprinting the SLG run, including “Clan Building” and “Bad Guys.” Gargoyles is my favorite Disney show, and one of my favorite TV series, for its engaging characters and dynamics, fascinating world-building, and universal themes of revenge and family. The non-canon third season, The Goliath Chronicles, is good for a laugh, but by no means does it provide a satisfying send-off for Goliath, Xanatos, Elisa, and the Manhattan Clan. Like most fans, I’ve always wanted a proper season 3. Unfortunately, I got into the show late in the game and missed out on the SLG comics, which are considered the show’s canonical continuation. As much as I would love a revived show with the original cast and writers, I’ll gladly accept books by Greg Weisman

Have you read any of the vintage Gargoyles runs by Marvel or SLG? Are you going to pick up the new issues by Dynamite? Let us know in the comments!

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