Gary From Nerdrotic Chats with Glenn Beck

First Fox News, then Piers Morgan, and now, the Fellowship is talking to Glenn Beck. Gary of Nerdrotic appeared on Beck’s radio show to talk about Disney, Star Wars, and Disney Star Wars, specifically everyone’s favorite new show, The Acolyte, plus some Doctor Who for good measure. You can see Gary’s segment below, or listen to the whole episode at this link:

“Somebody has to call Darth Povich” made me laugh pretty hard. This is a change of pace from Gary’s Piers Morgan appearances with the Critical Drinker because it’s a calmer, more intimate conversation rather than a panel discussion with a bunch of other commentators. This is just Gary and Glenn Beck having a conversation, similar to his appearance on Will Cain’s show, and I prefer talks like this because they’re less showy by default, and more is communicated. I also enjoy when Gary, the Drinker, or whoever from our space is hosted by someone not usually associated with pop culture because it seems like they’re learning something. Glenn Beck’s disgust at how much money is being blown on The Acolyte feels genuine, like someone whose attention is usually elsewhere is marveling at the mismanagement of entertainment.

And if you want to know why those guys are paying attention now, I’ll point you to Glenn Beck’s YouTube subscriptions, which are just a hair more than Nerdrotic’s and fewer than the Critical Drinker’s. That’s not a knock on Beck, just an observation that the most popular members of the 199/Fellowship/Fandom Menace are, at least by some measures, as big as or bigger than some of the media giants of the past couple of decades, and certainly growing faster. Culture is important, and that includes pop culture, and I think certain segments of the political landscape (you can probably guess which) have ignored that for too long, to their – and our – detriment. Many still do, but the smarter ones are taking notice. I’m looking forward to seeing a lot more of this, as well as where it takes entertainment media.

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June 21, 2024 at 9:48 pm

So, EVS was on the Blaze and now, Nerdrotic on with Glenn Beck after Piers Morgan.
All I have to say is that they are smart and must see where their audiences went.
Well, they are smart people.

June 21, 2024 at 9:53 pm

You know what? The Gamers are very respected on the right. Somehow, the memo went out among these media people. The Woke involvement in video games pissed off a lot of people.
Gamers, thank you.
Salute to you.

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