Good Omens Season 2 Update

The long-awaited return of Good Omens may be further than fans of the series had first supposed and hoped. Rumors have abounded regarding season 2 since the popular show first began three years ago. The ethereal nature and long-felt uncertainty of the show returning despite the near-universal popularity of season 1 surprised fans, only adding to their desire for a continuation of this unique story. However, Amazon Prime has been uncharacteristically non-hyperverbal regarding season 2, only announcing its continuation recently. All plot and production details are being kept tightly under wraps.

Good Omens

All fans know for sure is that season 2 wrapped filming on March 1st, hinting at a late 2022 or early 2023 release date. Neil Gaiman, co-writer of the book back in the 90s and a producer for the TV series, took to Twitter yesterday to respond to an eager fan requesting an air date for season 2. Gaiman had this to say:

No. And if you ask again like that we may not release it at all. . . We will release Good Omens 2, When it is done. We only stopped shooting in March. There is much to be done.”

This wasn’t near as positive a response as fans of the franchise would hope for from the co-creator and steward of Good Omens. Still, it provides evidence to speculate on a more solid release date. This news makes a late 2022 release date less likely than previously, as modern-day studios like to announce streaming shows’ release dates at least six months prior. With Gaiman’s tweet and the lack of a release date this late into the year, the most likely time for season 2 to drop will be spring 2023.

Good Omens

Season 2 will likely continue the story thread of angel Aziraphale and demon Crowley adopting the young son of Satan and raising him to become his best self, holding off the looming apocalypse and judgment day for as long as possible. Can these two pariahs from both heaven and hell stand alone against God’s great plan and the weight of Satan’s wrath to save this little world that they have both come to love so dearly? Fans of Good Omens who have waited for three years must wait another to continue this quirky and fun narrative and answer this lasting question from season 1.

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May 11, 2022 at 5:33 pm

Ill be honest, I didn’t perceive his reply to the fan’s tweet to be friendly. I thought it was rude!

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