Gothix Pulls No Punches in Response to Black Girl Gamers

The gaming world is suddenly aware of Black Girl Gamers and their consulting work, but Gothix has been sounding the alarm on them for a while. A former member of their community, Gothix was shunned and harassed when she said things Black Girl Gamers didn’t like and accused members of their community of insulting and demeaning her, including using racial slurs against her. Black Girl Gamers recently entered the discussion surrounding Sweet Baby Inc. and woke video game consulting firms, and Gothix jumped into the fray to tell people what the group is really like. When Black Girl Gamers responded with a lengthy X thread, Gothix made a video to tell her side, which you can see below:

What makes Gothix’s account so compelling is that she admits to a lot of the things Black Girl Gamers said about her and to being ideologically in tune with them in her past. This gives her perspective considerable validity. (It’s also relatable because we’ve all done this; if you looked through a lot of my old Facebook posts, you wouldn’t believe it was me.) It also demonstrates how petty and vindictive Black Girl Gamers was towards her; she agreed with them on almost everything, but the second she stepped out of line, they turned on her. It’s something you see a lot of from leftist groups; they demand complete ideological purity while unironically calling their communities “safe spaces.” It’s sad to see what happens to people who feel they need a safe space when they have it ripped away from them as soon as they start thinking for themselves – and by  the same people who conditioned them to think a safe space was necessary. You’ve made someone fragile, and now you’re using that fragility against them; it’s evil.

You can see other modern leftist tactics in Gothix’s treatment by Black Girl Gamers, too. For example, they sent a warning to their members not to engage with her because it posed a safety risk. To a normal person, that sounds crazy, but it gels with the idea that words are violence, which is a way of silencing critics – or, in this case, making sure your followers don’t engage with your critics and hear forbidden arguments. When Gothix calls this cult-like behavior, she’s not wrong; it’s a classic method of keeping people in a bubble, unaware of alternative ideas that could undermine their devotion. Demoralization is another, and they certainly tried that on Gothix, based on what she said in this video. Gothix got to a very low point, and I’m glad she overcame it and is now stronger. But no matter how much better things have gotten for her, it has to sting to be called all sorts of racially charged insults by people who are supposed to be fighting against that, not to mention the lies by omission, like deceptively editing some of her messages. But, as Gothix concludes, it’s all part of the Marxist playbook.

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April 2, 2024 at 6:01 am

Good video. Talked about being fragile. I think most were in youth. Said they harassed her and her black husband. She was accused of having white parents. Good streamer. I was into her content this past week.
I think it’s cuz of her that Scrollers stream was shut down. They really want her to be cancelled.

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