HBO Looking at Aegon’s Conquest Game of Thrones Prequel

A Variety exclusive reports that HBO is contemplating another Game of Thrones prequel, this one centering on Aegon the Conqueror. No writer is currently signed, but HBO is eager to get the project up and running. Check out Variety’s description of the show’s plot:

“The show would tell the story of how Aegon and his sister-wives, Visenya and Rhaenys, used their army and their three dragons to conquer six of the seven kingdoms on Westeros with the exception of Dorne. In doing so, Aegon I became the first king of Westeros, the first to sit on the Iron Throne, and the founder of the Targaryen Dynasty. Those events took place approximately 300 years prior to the events of Game of Thrones.”

As interesting (and incest-filled, much to the delight of Cersei/Jamie and Jon/Dany shippers) as that sounds, this isn’t a good idea. I’m fine with more Game of Thrones content, provided it’s as good as House of the Dragon. However, with all these events being relatively close together, I think they’d be risking eliminating the mystique and legend of the older stories. We don’t need to see everything that ever happened in Westeros.

But what do you think? Drop us a comment below!

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