Henry Cavill Announces Return as Superman

Henry Cavill isn’t finished playing the Man of Steel. Now that Black Adam has had its opening weekend, Cavill posted a video on his Instagram account announcing that he will be playing Superman in the DCEU again. Instagram is a pain with embeds, but you can watch Cavill’s video below or in its full size here.


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It’s a shame the Rock took the wind out of this by ruining the big surprise in Black Adam well before it was released, but it’s nice that Cavill held off just in case anyone didn’t know what was coming. I’m glad for him; he can’t seem to catch a break, headlining major franchises that end up being bad for one reason or another – and the reason is never him. If you’ve seen Black Adam, Superman’s big moment is terrific, with Cavill finally being allowed to embody the character as he was meant to be portrayed, if only for about ten or fifteen seconds. If the various cues are any indication, DC is steering this into classic Superman territory, as Tuggs observed:

If that’s the case, I’m glad Cavill will be back. I think he can be a great Superman in a halfway-decent movie. I also hope this is the harbinger of better times ahead for the DCEU; Black Adam was pretty good, but it can get better. Now, what I’d like to see – aside from a moratorium on Superman killing people wholesale and making it clear he doesn’t care about anyone outside of himself and his girlfriend – is a return of the red trunks, the reinstatement of the John Williams theme, and for him to say “Truth, Justice, and the American Way” (the last one not just because it will piss off all the right people, but also because of that). Tyler Hoechlin is fantastic on TV, but it’ll be amazing to have the real Superman back in the movies again.

Are you glad Henry Cavill is coming back as Superman? Did you see Black Adam? Is Ben Affleck currently dusting off a few Batarangs? Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned to Geeks + Gamers for more Hollywood comeback stories!

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